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HT19-07 Renewable. Sustainable Living with Mark Clayton

Holistic Transformation with Dianne Shaver, with her guest  Mark Clayton, on air from February 12th

Today’s guest is definitely a great demonstration of the commitment of Holistic Transformations to interview people who are making a positive difference in our world in a big way. The first thing you see on the RLS website which stand for Renewable Sustainable Living,is  this statement which sets the tone for his business:

Imagine for a moment…

a community with Homes & Businesses powered by the Sun, sustained by Organic Gardens and founded on recycling principles.

With everything that’s going on that is exactly what we need.  The man behind all of this is Mark Clayton, who builds what he calls NetZero Farm Housing Communities. I’m going to let Mark explain all of that in a moment but first, I want to share with you his incredible background.

Today we are talking about Mark’s Vision for Renewable, Sustainable, Living and all the components that went into its development.  Plus, the new parts of the vision that keep coming to Mark’s attention  Mark also has a street ministry and how some of the homeless that it serves will become part of the RSL team




He has owned several companies:  AlfredTiger, Inc., an engineering, manufacturing & development company. AlfredTiger’s suppling automotive manufacturers with electroplating services and electronic ceramic component production. Developed and granted two US Patents.

Then a restaurant which he owned with his wife, Carol in Greenville, SC

Another Alfred Tiger Engineering AlfredTiger Engineering which develops, demonstrates, and deploys cutting edge Renewable Energy products & systems, including Electric & Clean Fuel Transportation. Now he’s Founding and managing partner of Renewable, Sustainable Living.  This is a man with a vision and he is willing to take the time it takes so have it happen.  His current project of sustainable housing in Greer, SC is set to start building next month and 15 or the 16 solar powered houses are already sold.

I asked Mark to send a bio and this is what he sent which I think gives us a look at the real person that is Mark Clayton.

Son, Brother, Cousin, Nephew, Uncle, Husband, Dad, Father n Law, Friend,  Now PapaMark, Student, Athlete, Eagle Scout, Dedicated Employee, Church Leader, Engineer/Inventor, Entrepreneur, Restaurateur, Developer, Street Preacher, Student/Follower/Servant Leader, which explains his photo.


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