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HT19-01 Earl Bridges and the Empowerment of Philanthropy shows

Holistic Transformations with Dianne Shaver  and her guest Earl Bridges, on air from January 1st 2019

Earl Bridges is a “Philanthropologist”, filmmaker and tech entrepreneur who geeks out the possibilities of authentic story-telling to enhance global nonprofit and corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Earl grew up an Air Force BRAT. His father was a Vietnam-era F-4 Phantom pilot who later returned as a missionary. The middle of 5 kids, Earl spent much of his early life in Southeast Asia. It was in Bangkok that he became good friends with Craig, who accompany him on his trips. He has spent the last decade helping corporations and foundation clients identify and effectively give to worthy causes.


JOIN DIANNE AND EARL ON THE Empowerment of Philanthropy


After having sold his company, Good Done Great to Your Cause.   He has continued his journey of trying to help make the world more empathetic and caring now using a combination of media as well as technology.

He’s rebranded myself as a Philanthropologist, and a filmmaker working a travel television show on the messy business of global charity. The Good Road features a winning formula of travel and philanthropy and a dash of the unexpected which is exactly what public television needs today.

On the television show, he travel the world with my long-time childhood friend, Craig Martin.  They take the viewers to interesting places,and introduce them to interesting people who are making a difference in the frontlines of global philanthropy.

The show will be distributed on Public Television in the USA through WETA in Washington, DC and will have national viewership here in the United States.  Our presenting station, WETA is projecting 10 million viewers for Season I

They also have a podcast called, Philanthropology:

If you ever wonder what really goes on in some of the darkest corners of the world (Rohingya refugees, elephant poaching, human trafficking, poverty alleviation), you find that our stories offer a view into places that very few people ever see.

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