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GUS 18-40 Transcendence in Meditation with Jeff Hutchinson

“The World According to GUS” with Charles Eduardos and his guest Jeff Hutchinson, on air October 2nd 

Jeff’s journey began with the exploration into the development of consciousness over 45 years ago when he learned Transcendental Meditation (TM).  He has, from that point, become a teacher of TM, a Certified Yoga Teacher, a Yoga Therapist, Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner, and Reiki Master. Charles and Jeff begin the process of showing the connectedness of the ultimate truth contained in virtually all systems of spirituality that lead us to Transcendence in Meditation.

Jeff’s exploration into the development of consciousness began over 45 years ago when he learned Transcendental Meditation (TM).  Experiences from practicing TM led him to spend 6 months, in Europe, doing extensive meditation, yoga and breath-work in order to teach Transcendental Meditation.  He taught TM for several years before entering the corporate world.





In between corporate careers Jeff trained and became a Certified Yoga Teacher (200 hrs.) and taught multiple yoga classes.  He continues to teach today.  He later pursued additional training and become a Yoga Therapist (500 hrs.). Feeling the results of a regular yoga practice and meditation led him to a greater interest in the healing arts.

He thus studied and became a licensed massage therapist (2-year training class), opening North Coast Massage.  Combining his yoga and massage knowledge, he created and taught a yoga anatomy class to yoga teachers. He further supplemented his massage knowledge with Thai Massage training to become a Thai Yoga massage practitioner.  He practices Swedish, Sports and Thai massage.

As his yoga, meditative, breathing and chanting practices became subtler, he opened to the healing art of Reiki and through training became a Reiki master. This greater interest and experience of the subtle energy practices has also led to completing training in the reading Akashic Records.  He is now certified to read Akashic Records.

Jeff is a long-time explorer of the frontier of consciousness development.   Many personal experiences and practices as well as teachers and authors have aided his journey toward awakening.  He shares that journey through his public speaking.

Jeff retired from multiple analytical positions in the telecommunications, banking and municipal sectors including positions as a statistician, regulatory testimony writer, director of business issues analysis and billing analyst.

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