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GUS 18-36 G.U.S-ing in Knowingness

The World According to G.U.S with Rev Charles Eduardos and his guest Sara Troy. 

How do we live in G.U.S God Universe Spirit knowingness? This is the question I  ask my first guest Sara Troy of Self Discovery Radio TV Network. She is a knowingness person, trusting the knowledge she needs to know when she needs to know it.

Sara has interviewed Charles many times and there is a synergy here of mutual love of life and possibilities. In this debut show here on Self Discovery Radio TV network, Charles and Sara go deep into what G.U.S represents and what kind of future shows you are going to see here on The World According to G.U.S.





Sara Troy of  “Self Discovery Radio TV” is the owner-operator-/host and she believes in knowingness, that feeling you get when you let the divine intellect speak to your gut and enter its all-knowing knowledge, it then resonates with your heart in truth and passion, on to the spirit to get into action, and draws from the mind what it needs to know at the time it needs to know it. That is Sara’s knowingness and the state of being she chooses to live in.

Being Inspired by our Dreams seeing the Vision and Aspiring to make it happen is what life is about. What use is a life without a dream, or not listening to those who will inspire us, we can’t see the vision if our souls are closed and what would we aspire to if we did not tap into the knowledge or others and feel our own knowingness within.

I found my purpose and calling with my radio/blog/video network Self Discovery Radio. When I started radio/blog interviewing I would seek out those inspirers who had embraced their redirect and were now sharing their story and skilled knowledge with others to enhance their own life’s journey.

Each week my hosts and I interview exceptional people living extraordinary lives, sharing their expertise and their own self-discovery. We discover knowledge on our health, our inner wealth, our planet and our role here and our possibilities that we are inspired to follow. The story of others in overcoming life’s challenges in placing value on self, and in igniting their true meaningful calling, is truly liberating. It has been a wonderful journey of illumination for me and our listeners come and take a listen and hear why.

With so much knowledge in our over 2000 shows in our Orchard of Wisdom library, there is an answer to your questions, you can share the answers you have discovered for the discovery of self is but one show away.

Sara will be launching her NPO Self Discovery Community in the fall. 


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