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Energy Coaching : Jen Poulson

The Pursuit of Wholeness Show featuring Jen Poulson

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 How to Eliminate  Negative  Subconscious Thoughts, Emotions and Beliefs

Energy Coaching is the simple process of identifying and eliminating negative subconscious thoughts, emotions, and beliefs that affect how you feel, think, and react.  ™.  Energy Coaching has helped many improve their life and relationships in profound ways.  Jen Poulsen Energy Coach, an Holistic Life Coach shares with us the what energy coaching is, the many benefits and a very special offer for our listeners to try energy coach.  Click here after listening to the broadcast …we have a wonderful offer just for you!

Jen Poulson holds a Bachelor’s degree in Family Psychology, is a Certified SimplyHealed™ Energy Coach, speaker, Giving Game Mentor, contributing author in Wellness Woman magazine as well as a frequent guest speaker on “The Wellness Journey!”  blog talk radio show.   She works with individuals and business owners to release underlying negative emotions that block happiness and success.  Through SimplyHealed™ energy coaching, you will experience quick and lasting relief from emotions and false beliefs that trigger fear, low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, health issues, money issues, and much more.  Jen is passionate about helping you release your negative subconscious beliefs so you can be your best, quicker and easier than you can imagine!

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Interview done by Lynnis Woods-Mullins


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