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ECO 18-47 Yasuyuki Nemoto and the Power of Water Consciousness

ECO Solutions with Sara Troy and her guest Yasuyuki Nemoto, on air from November 20th

Let”s Get Sync’d series 

Yasuyuki Nemoto started “Project of Love and Thanks to Water” in July 2002 with Dr. Emoto. Since then, held “Ceremony to Send Love and Gratitude to Water in the World”, for example, by the Sea of Galilee, in Liechtenstein, Lake Biwa in Japan, Lake Baikal in Russia, Sumida River in Tokyo and so on, and asked the people all over the world to send their prayers to water through the Internet.

Simultaneously, being responsible for the scientific aspects of Dr. Emoto’s work, he considers that the integration of Science and Spirituality through the study of Water as a life theme. Regularly giving a lecture on “Message from Water” and its relationship with New Scientific Theories on Water created by the late Dr. Jacques Benveniste, Dr. Gerald Pollack, Dr. Luc Montagnier, etc.





Adviser to Office Masaru Emoto, LLC. Adviser to I.H.M. General Institute. 2nd-Grade EMF Measurement Expert.

Received Doctor of Science from University of Tokyo in the area of Cellular & Molecular Biology in 1988. After doing researches in several universities in Japan, Miami and Honolulu, started to work as an international secretary for the late Dr. Masaru Emoto (Author of “Message from Water”, “Hidden Messages in Water” and so on). Since then for 13 years until Dr. Emoto passed away, accompanied Dr. Emoto in his lecture tours abroad and visited more than 25 countries.

In September to October, 2014, he made a lecture tour on behalf of Dr. Emoto in 4 countries in Europe, which were Germany, UK, Italy and Bulgaria, and gave his lecture 13 times in total. In Bulgaria, The 9th International Water Conference on the Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water was held, and he gave his keynote speech with a title of “‘Message from Water’ and Science” for the top-level scientists on memory of water.                                      

On July 20, 2015, which is a holiday called “Marine Day” in Japan, at the Daiichi-Seimei-Hall in Harumi, Tokyo, he organized “The International Concert of Love and Gratitude for Planet Earth” to dedicate to the late Dr. Masaru Emoto with musical performances by many artists who had tight connection with him.

In September to October, 2015, he gave a lecture 9 times in total in Germany, US and UK, including the Findhorn Community in Scotland and ECETI at the foot of Mt. Adams in Washington State, US.

In April 2016, Office Masaru Emoto invited Dr. Gerald Pollack, Professor of Department of Biotechnology, University of Washington, and he gave a lecture for the general public on April 2 and a seminar for experts on April 3 in Asakusabashi, Tokyo (Office Masaru Emoto is selling their DVDs). “The Fourth Phase of Water”, proposed by Dr. Pollack can be considered a specially structured liquid state has a potential to memorize various information. Dr. Pollack is saying that by considering “The Fourth Phase of Water”, it may be possible to explain scientifically the phenomena shown in “Message from Water”.

On May 22, 2016, Office Masaru Emoto co-organized with “Circle of Life”, an Italian group of Gendai Reiki, Water Festival and Water Prayer Ceremony in Oshino village on the slope of Mt. Fuji.

In September and October, 2016, he gave his lecture in several places in Germany and attended The 11th International Water Conference on Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water held in Sofia, Bulgaria.

On November 1, 2016, the Mevlana Foundation, whose headquarters is located in Istanbul, Turkey, held an event for world peace in Istanbul. He was invited as one of the 4 keynote speakers, and gave his lecture in front of the audience of 2,400 people.

On May 13, 2017, he gave a lecture on water at the Izumo-Dai-Jingu Shrine in Kameoka, Kyoto. Next day on May 14, Office Masaru Emoto supported “Ceremony and Festival to Commemorate the 65-year Anniversary of the Excavation of the Ancient Jewish Ruins in Komoe, Awaji Island”, which was actually a ceremony to connect Japan and the ancient Jewish culture organized by some friends of his.

On June 21 to 23, he gave a lecture in Istanbul, Turkey, at an event organized by the Mevlana Foundation.

On June 26, he gave a joint-lecture in London, the UK with Ms. Kazumi Oishi, an Okinawan Shaman.

He gave a lecture on October 21 in Yverdon, Switzerland and on October 22 in Madrid, Spain.he attended the 12th International Conference on Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water held in Sofia, Bulgaria and enjoyed the friendship with many top-level water scientists and researchers.

Figure 4 Tap water in Tokyo, Japan

Figure 5 Tap water in the UK · London

Figure 6 Tap water from Vancouver, Canada

Fig. 7 Mijichi spring water in Yamanashi prefecture

Figure 8 Lake Majorot (Switzerland)

Fig. 9 Antarctic ice melted water





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