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ECO 18-36: Let’s Get SYNC’D! about Changing The Emotional Climate

ECO Solutions with Sara Troy and her guest Alison Goldwyn, on air from September 4th

Let’s Get Sync’d presents…..

Climate Change has brought us to our knees … Changing the Emotional Climate can bring us to our senses … When it comes to Climate Change we’re all cliMates :-). Community AND Individuality … Unity AND Diversity … Alison is the founder & creative director of a “televisionary” event called Synchronistory; a Party for Humanity where the guest list is Everybody celebrating our multicultural worldwide history in a living Global Selfie – broadcast live worldwide. Sync’s genesis spans more than thirty years and began in 1987. On the the floor of a New York City living room with a map of the world, a perennial the question was posed in earnest: “who in heaven are we and why on earth are we here?”. Eleven years later on the floor of the United Nations that the question would resound in the form of Sync’s original incarnation; Hands Around The World: Humanity Celebrates The Millennium during a world television forum addressing the future of this upcoming defining moment in history.

All the rhetoric and wisdom of the ages would no longer suffice for such a turning point in time. It merited a revolutionary-evolutionary next step. From conceptuality to actuality. Nothing short of an epic event with an unheard of a theme (a multicultural celebration of Humanity, broadcast live worldwide) could captivate a global audience’s attention and perhaps instill wonder. Thus a dazzling hi-concept television spectacular was born. It would capture the majesty of a global home inhabited by billions of intimate strangers struggling to co-exist — and all because of a simple choice they were uniformly denied; to be born. What sounded like a “psy” fi film starring everyone on earth in their unprepared roles of a lifetime was to become a bonafide adventure, in reality, involving American, British, French, and ultimately German partnerships. A man-made celebration of our multi-faceted self. The notion was unprecedented back then. Yet as our global home now pitches and careens to extremes with Unprecedented as the new normal, a live “wow-event” about who on earth we all seem is more plausible and timely than ever.





Fast Change comes from the incite out …

Lasting Change comes from the insight out …

This is our sustainable new “Al Gore-rhythm” for an

environMentally friendly world.

Between Tech connect & disconnect … fusion & confusion … it’s

become a global identity crisis akin to World War We — which is actually

World War Me because the turbulent outer landscape is a mirror of our

turbulent inner. The gaping hole in our global Whole is largely due to a

disconnect from the soul. Illuminating the forgotten love story between

Nature & Human Nature with unprecedented innovation (e.g. a Party for

the Planet) is as elemental to our wellbeing as breathing — or even our

mobile devices :-).

From New York to Paris to Istanbul and beyond … Alison has crossed

oceans and mindsets to develop this passion-project for nearly 32 years.

Her hope is to usher in a modern-day Renaissance, inspiring individuals

worldwide to live more consciously and conscientiously through

enlightened “edutainment” experiences (education-entertainment) which

help us reimagine the face of our Global Selfie from the insight out.

Synchronistory is an affiliate of Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project, two

time Nobel Nominee Professor Ervin Laszlo’s Club of Budapest, and

John Bunzl’s Global Governance platform SIMPOL. Alison also writes for

Sync supporter Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global, among many other soul-enriching endeavours.

Synchronistory wishes to thank Sara Troy for her own inspired Voice.

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