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ECO 17-19 Vegan Eco Spirituality

ECO Solutions with Sara Troy and her guest Christina Hill, on air from May 9th


It has long been understood by indigenous peoples that our relationship to Mother Earth is spiritually as well as physically sustaining. For indigenous peoples, this is often included in their way of life, and expressed through their daily rituals, even in the way they eat.

In Western culture, we may sense this spiritual nourishment once we depart from the material world and spend some time in the natural world just outside our door… we can feel Mother Earth’s beauty, peace, and we can find refuge in her no matter if it’s at the base of a waterfall or by following the flutter of a butterfly as it passes by. This spiritual nourishment is a quality of life rarely valued by our solely economic images of progress. And yet we are sustained and supported in ways we cannot easily measure with exacting science. In the words of Satish Kumar: “The contemporary environmental movement, in the main, follows the path of empirical science, rational thinking, data collection and external action. This is good as far as it goes but it doesn’t go far enough. We need to include care of the soul as a part of the care of the planet.”



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The vegan lifestyle is one such way of both caring for our soul and our blessed Mother Earth, and its’ health benefits are far reaching. Simply put, when you are consuming only high vibrational foods (plant foods that have felt the sun’s rays and have come from Mother Earth with little to no processing in between harvesting and entering your body) then you yourself are sustaining the planet’s vibration as well as your own. All life on Earth comes from the sun. When the sun touches a plant on Earth, it creates a specific vibration. That vibration is what we then eat. The human body consumes this energy (the food is just the physical form which houses that energy). Food related to death or killing is in a lower vibration. Humans don’t need to eat these foods, we need to go back to where we were, in harmony with Earth and where the energy we consumed was not coming from dead animals. By eliminating the consumption of meats/dairy/fish/eggs (or any animal by-product) you are coming back to your own natural human form. Your human form constitution is energy and water, first and foremost. Think about all the plants that offer you their light energy and water! When you choose to consume only those types of foods, you become more like your Mother Earth. Other humans will sense this and they too will want to do the same. As we continue to transform, Mother Earth will heal and replenish herself, providing ample bounty for all human life to eat in a vegan way!

Christina Hill, CHt, is a Washington state certified hypnotist, spiritual life coach, and a renowned psychic channeler. She is a certified Acutonics practitioner and a Reiki Master. A gentle, loving leader and facilitator for change, she partners with her Spirit Guide, Athella, to bring healing and divine guidance to clients around the globe.

Spanning well over two decades is a self-taught, self-evolved psychic and open channeler who has also surmounted immense life challenges and triumphed through life school, despite overwhelming circumstances including poverty, addiction, disease, abuse, and adversity. Christina’s coaching and teachings through Athella have led many thousands of people to spiritual enlightenment and the realization that “enlightenment” is here and now, stemming from one’s own inner resources!

Christina embodies the essence of living a present moment life and endeavours to shine that light on others in her private coaching practice. A vibrant presence and a naturally gifted empath, she draws from both her extensive hypnosis work and energy healing modalities, to offer a sacred space where clients can experience release… returning to truth, balance, and wholeness.



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