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ECO 17-03 Why I Joined Energime University with Adam Greenwell

ECO Solutions with Sara Troy and her guest Adam Greenwell, on air from January 17th 


Adam is a tenacious and tireless networker who spends his hours bringing together groups and individuals from around the globe in the cause of protecting our environment and fostering commitments to human rights and educational empowerment. His efforts have greatly expanded the reach and visibility of Energime University throughout the world while simultaneously furthering the mission of Liz Greenwell and her humanitarian outreach. Adam has been one of the key forces behind “Global Cooperation Day” and several other U.N. supported efforts developed to build a global consensus in addressing the critical issues we face as an interconnected population.

Adam Greenwell is a producer of multi-media, writer, and social entrepreneur based in New Zealand. He graduated with a degree in Social Anthropology from Massey University. Since then, he has undertaken courses in music and theatre studies. Adam has written a book about New Zealand society as seen by well-known New Zealanders; completed a bi-lingual music tribute to Leonardo da Vinci in 1998, the 500th anniversary of Leonardo’s fresco The Last Supper. Since the new millennium he has been assisting his mother, filmmaker and writer Professor Liz Greenwell, in her two major film projects – No Chance to Paint the Canvas (2001) about civil society on a global scale; and Watering the Fields of Humanity, the greatest example of global cooperation ever committed to celluloid.

He acts as an Energime University Consultant, facilitating new business around the world.



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Get Some Vision – A Tribute to Leonardo Da Vinci 1998 – Introduction to Online Version and Sample of Replies from Global Figures

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