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Dream your dream into reality


The end of a day must be as calming as the start of a day, for in your dreams you are laying foundations for what is to come, and when you awake in your knowingness you are guided to what can make those dreams come true. Dream well and welcome a new day with enlightenment.


Where do the seeds of our possibilities grow?

Where do our dreams come from?

Where do we find the courage to build that dream?

Where do we find the knowledge to succeed?

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That desire that lays within you is that a dream? that energy called excitement that is unleashed on an idea that became a dream.

We need dreams for they are the foundation of all that is, all that can be. So how do we honour that dream, that idea? how do we fuel it into a picture that can be seen?

Paint the picture, vivid and alive so that you are clear on what it is, start seeding and watering the idea into action. Nurture it protect it, allow it to grow in its own light and then guide it gently along its path to living.

Be willing to take a totally new path, for it may be the path to that dreams meaning. Remember to be aware of those around you and interact, for you never know who may have that nugget of info you need to grow.

Remember to be patient for dreams do not manifest overnight, and only grow at the rate they are meant to along with your loving care and conviction.

In the end, your dream may look totally different in reality, but as long as you have been true to the meaning of the dream, the core, the principle, the authenticity, then what you have now, is what you were always meant to have…this I know all too well.

So dream well, dream big, but be prepared to take action in all directions to fuel this dream into fruition, nothing happens by just dreaming it, you have to act on that dreams to build it.

I had a dream, I thought it was to be taken in one direction but was redirected to another. When I first started the journey, I had no idea that this was my dream all along. I got out of my way and kept walking forward in belief and purpose, not I am where I should be and know what wonders lay before me, I love who I am doing what I am doing because I fed the core, was flexible but steadfast and willing to bend but stay strong.

You too can live you meaningful purpose dream.

Sara Troy.

Owner.Host. The operator of Self Discovery Media and The Art of Positive Living and Self Discovery Community.


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