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You Are Psychic

Did you know ​there are over 20 different types of psychic ability?

You have a unique profile of psychic gifts that relate to your life purpose. Before you were born, your infinite soul selected spiritual abilities that were precisely what you would need to overcome your challenges and fulfil your goals for this lifetime. By staying aligned with your soul and by keeping your energy clear, you can continue to access these gifts throughout your life.

I’ll share a metaphor from my book Intuition and Chakras to help explain this. Let’s say in one lifetime you are a carpenter and in another you are a hairdresser. For the carpenter life you don’t require your scissors, curlers, dryer and hair gel. Instead, you need your saw, jig, adze, and sandpaper. The same applies in reverse for the hairdresser life. Your soul contains all of these tools, but each finite lifetime draws what it needs from these infinite possibilities.

You May Have Forgotten You Are Psychic

“But hold on a minute”, I hear you say, “where are these gifts you speak of?”

Rest assured you do still have them. Although, if you are like the vast majority of humans you may have forgotten how to use them. This happens naturally to a degree when we orient to physical reality by focussing on our physical senses. It happens even more, when we are born to parents who do not believe in intuition, or a culture that does not support being psychic.

The good news is you can reclaim your gifts. As a newborn you were still connected with spirit and this body has already known what it is like to use your extra-sensory perception. All you need to do is clear what is blocking you, and remind yourself what you already know. That might sound like the impossible, but I promise you it is within your grasp. I teach people to do this in my books, webinars and psychic development courses using simple but powerful energy techniques.

You May Question Your Psychic Abilities

Your main way of accessing intuitive information could be very different to your friend’s.

In my practice as an intuition teacher, I encounter several common blocks to psychic development. One of the biggest is doubt. People wonder “Am I doing it right?” or “Is this really my intuition or just my brain, mind ego, emotions.” Or they compare themselves to fellow students or the teacher, and if their experience is different to that other person, they believe they are failing at intuition.

You can’t fail at intuition. Your psychic abilities are how you communicate as spirit. Just as you have physical senses to navigate the physical world, you have psychic senses to navigate the spiritual world. The reason you question your abilities is because your intellect is getting in the way. As well, you may be comparing yourself to someone whose main psychic sense is different to yours.

What Kind of Psychic Are You Anyway?

Four of the more common psychic abilities are:


Knowingness, intuitive knowing is the ability to simply know something without knowing how you know. You simply know it without a shadow of a doubt. It allows you to know the divine, God/Source, your higher being/soul, your spirit guides, as well as to channel information about anything.


This is the psychic gift of clear seeing or visual intuition. It is one of the main gifts that people associate with being psychic and is an aspect of the sixth chakra or third eye. It lets you see spiritual phenomena, such as auras, chakras, pictures, symbols, spirit guides and other energy beings.


If you are an empath, you have the psychic gift of clear feeling. This psychic sense has a primary purpose of body spirit communication. It allows you the high vibration spiritual consciousness tune into your bodies’ emotional signals, or to tap into how other people are feeling


the psychic gift of clear hearing or auditory intuition confers the ability to hear spiritual phenomena, such as beings, guides, angels, deceased loved ones, ascended masters, other people at a distance, and the celestial music of the spheres.

What’s Next in Your Psychic Development?

I want to encourage you to discover yourself and your abilities more deeply. You are an amazing spark of the divine and you are here to express your light so we all can benefit from your brightness.

If you are new to all this psychic stuff, are still unsure whether you have psychic gifts. Or if you simply prefer to receive, then why not book a psychic reading or have your Psychic Ability Blueprint done for you? This will give you the chance to fully experience the benefits. An experienced psychic reader can answer your questions, help with all of your life challenges, and even administer a healing.

If you can’t wait to know more about your own unique profile of psychic abilities, Intuition and Chakras takes you through a self-exploration journey to uncover them. It helps you understand your blocks and provides energy techniques to overcome them, as well as teaching you about 22 different psychic abilities. There are case studies from people like you sharing the challenges and successes of their intuition development journey.

Finally, if you are seeking your life purpose, I know of no better way to find it than to develop your intuition. It is your internal guidance system for your life. Once in touch with your higher guidance you will be able to find peace and happiness within, and consciously create the life you want.

Article by Dr. Lesley Phillips, Author, Spiritual Teacher, and Psychic Development Trainer

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