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Channeling Ascension Show

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Christina has moved on to larger things, but you can catch all her and Athella’s wisdom right here. 

Channelling Ascension is about raising our vibrations and embracing a divine energy that serves all of humankind, planet and our animal kingdom. For without that ascension there will be no future.

Sara’s mission is to bring that beautiful divine energy awareness and guide those who are ready on a path of illuminating wonderment of what is possible in life and the universe.

Christina Hill, a divine soul herself, who channels Athella, guides us forward on this exciting life’s path into our own Self Discovery!

Athella’s mission is to bring worldwide healing to all humans who are willing and ready to shift into higher dimensional living during this epic point on planet Earth. Rather than standing for a cause, she stands in Light and passes her messages and healings through the body of Christina Hill… in other words, if Athella had a mission statement it would not be a written statement, it would be energy that you can feel when you decide to connect with her.

Athella’s teachings give us concrete, proven strategies for becoming what she refers to as “an upgraded human”. Instead of giving us more intellectual information to think about, she presents her energy and healing using simple language and encourages us to quit thinking.




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