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CH18-48 Being a Super Mum of 15 by Caring for Mum

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest  LaChelle Adkins, on air from November 27th

LaChelle Adkins is married to Jerome Adkins. The couple have been married for 25 years and have 15 children. LaChelle and Jerome had 13 children together and Jerome has 2 other sons, the oldest of which lived with them from age 11 through high school graduation.

The couple began their own church- World Fellowship of Jesus Christ in 2011. They also began their company Protocol Group in 2016. This company was originally formed to represent their family as they were approached by several production companies to pursue a reality television show. After several contracts that did not share their family vision they retired that journey.

At that time her husband was actively working as a Walmart store manager and due to the long hours and high demands he decided to resign and pursue a career that allowed him to spend more time with the family. So they began a division of the company named Protocol Landscape Consultants. They worked to build this company from its conception of April 2016 to serve as a profitable business to sustain the family as the sole source of income.





In January 2017, LaChelle began pursuing life coaching with Protocol Group. With a zeal to be transparent with her own experiences such as 3 occasions of hospitalization in a behavioral hospital for stress and postpartum depression. Her audience grew to encompass coaching to help empower others to overcome their obstacles in life.

We will be covering.

7 ways to avoid Mommy burnout. As a wife and mother of 15 children, I have seen first hand the effects of mommy burnout. I have learned the ways to strategize a system to create balance and avoid stress, anxiety or depression which may proceed burnout.

The 7 ways are:

  1. Your worth is not determined by the role you play like wife, mother or position in career.

  2. Identify what you can and can not control.

3. Establish realistic goals/expectations.

  1. Create a system that consists of including work towards your goals in your daily routine.

  2. Spend the first hour that you awake doing something for yourself. This will allow you to have a better attitude in tackling your day.

  3. Create a support group/tribe of like minded people to help encourage you on bad days.

  4. Get a good night’s rest of at least 6 hours.

In addition to life coaching she uses her degree in Marketing from Indiana University to help small businesses increase their market share.

LaChelle enjoys accomplishing impossible feats because she believes that is evidence of God working in her life and creates momentum in her life when she is faced with challenges in life. Her goal is to leave a lasting impression with everyone that she meets and add value to make their lives better.

Instagram  lachelle.adkins



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