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CA19-44 Being alone and ok with oneself, with Christina Hill.

Ignite your heart and soul with Sara Troy and her guest Christina Hill with Athella, on-air from October 29th

Being alone and ok with oneself, the practice of solidarity, and keeping oneself aligned while in the midst of others (esp. men and wild egos!)

When I am whole, healthy, and complete within, then my outer world is a mirror reflection of that inner peace and acceptance. I accept and love myself, my mind and body are healthy and happy, and I am my own best friend. I compassionately observe my thoughts, and I lovingly turn my total attention to the present moment whenever I catch myself drifting off to the past or future in my mind. I now create a loving reality within, and am open to receiving love on all levels without! Adopting the above affirmations of Truth will create the most radical shifts in your world, you could not even conceive the most magical changes that will occur as you say “YES” to loving yourself! It does not matter what thoughts you used to have in the past, even 5 minutes ago. You can begin right now to shift your thoughts and feelings and go deep within yourself for all that you need. Many of us are in an old habit of looking outbound for our fulfillment (the relationships, the money, the material items, etc etc)… yet when we make the decision to fulfill all our own needs, we begin to love ourselves in a way that no other person or thing could provide. Paradoxically, this offers to us more divine connections, more abundance, all that we love and desire that is external to us just arrive naturally and organically.



Athella’s mission is to bring worldwide healing to all humans who are willing and ready to shift into higher dimensional living during this epic point on planet Earth. Rather than standing for a cause, she stands in Light and passes her messages and healings through the body of Christina Hill… in other words, if Athella had a mission statement it would not be a written statement, it would be energy that you can feel when you decide to connect with her.

Christina Hill


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