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CA 18-18 Channeling the Gifts of Performing with Cliff Simon

Channelling Ascensions with Sara Troy and Christina Hill + Athella and guest Cliff Simon, on air May 1st

Performing, it is an art, a gift, a skill, but it is also a thing of courage. Putting your self out there for all to see is something that requires a great deal of faith in who we are and in our gift and what we stand for. How much channelling is done in order to bring such artistry to the stage and is that we call channelling our gift into being? Sara Troy

We see famous actors and actresses channeling the role they are stepping into, and we award and praise these talented individuals for their unique ability to “step into” that role. This type of channeling requires total nudity of self, total relinquishment of ego self, and fierce courage to be “seen”. The performance turns into “be-ing-ness”, and is a spiritual practice that we can all embody in our daily channeling and meditations. We can channel and “be” a dolphin, a puppy, our Higher Self, or even a song we love! Christina Hill.

One has to channel all energy into what one loves. If that is done and one is prepared, one’s natural gift will show itself.

I have had the opportunity to live a varied life and to have achieved in multiple areas. I’ve been told I’m lucky and I firmly believe that there’s no such thing as luck. I believe in staying disciplined, staying focused and staying prepared for when that opportunity arises. At my age, I have realized that I wasn’t necessarily a gifted swimmer, or a gifted gymnast or a gifted dancer or a gifted actor. I have realized that my actual gift is discipline, focus, training and preparation. By channeling my gift I have found a certain measure of success in my life. Cliff Simon.


Join Sara Christina Athella and Cliff here and hear the wisdom from our gifted performers. 





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