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CA 18-12 Channeling Our Divine Awareness

Channelling Ascensions Sara Troy co/host Christina Hill and Athella, on air from March 20th 

Christina says “Awareness can be felt, but not explained using words… here we go again trying to make things super complex!”

A deep breath, feeling the water beading on the skin as you take a hot shower, smelling that fresh cut grass smell, or walking hand in hand with a loved one and sharing in the preciousness of a silent stillness.. we can see how all of these “openings” for awareness are all around us, tugging at us to get out of our heads and come down into the heart. Come back to real-ness and Now-ness with us so that you can realize you never can lose awareness, you can only get distracted and forget who you are- in other words, unconscious.

You already ARE awareness, and thank goodness that this is the case– no need to search for enlightenment or “try” to chase the Now. You are already home, you are already enlightened!

Sara says” Awareness is our soul speaking to us, our heart connecting to what is and our spirit feeling what needs to be done. When we step into awareness we feel the knowledge we seek. So many of us miss the signs along the way that is trying to make us aware of our directions. Let us tune in, hear both in and out and become aware of what the universe is guiding us to know.”




OUR DEBUTE VIDEO. Sara’s side was weak will improve with better tech and wifi.  


Christina Hill

Christina Hill is a renowned psychic first person channeler who climbed the ladder of her own spiritual ascension through deep human egoic suffering and trauma- or as she calls it- moving from darkness into Light. From childhood, Christina was able to communicate with non-physical beings and possessed many other psychic gifts (including telepathy and telekinesis), and it took over 15 years for her to shift out of the darkness and into a fully conscious “awakened” human angel. From a past riddled with addictions to homelessness, dis-ease to sexual abuse, Christina’s commitment to dropping the egoic mind and living a liberated life in the present moment stands, in of itself, as a tour de force.. a Light presence by which many people are now inspired and seek for themselves. After serving many years in a children’s hospital in the US, and witnessing several violent crimes, a near-death encounter allowed her to receive divine messages that Athella would be aligning with her over the course of a lifetime. After her first encounter with Athella, she has trained with some of the highest beings and enlightened minds in this worldly plane to fine tune her instrument of first-person channelling. more on.  Christina here.


Athella is an Ascended Master, Angel or Spirit. She says that there is no difference between these concepts, these labels are just for human minds, although she prefers to be seen as an Angel.

Athella shares with us that there are many dimensions and that the universe is like a tall building (12 floors), where every floor is a dimension and every dimension is a different reality. Humans are on the 3rd floor and Athella is on the 12th floor. Athella talks to people through Christina’s body using a technique known as channelling.



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