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CA 18-01 Conscious Presence, Empowering your Now in 2018

Channeling Ascensions with Sara Troy, Christina Hill and her spirit Athella, on air January 2nd 2018 

Christina says.”Making a deliberate intention to keep your consciousness in the present moment allows us to enjoy every moment of our lives to the maximum, without limits. As we are aware that we are ascending into 5th dimension with rapid speed, we can begin to appreciate the Now and see that time is just an illusion. With this adjustment, we feel timeless. We are timeless.”

Every day of our life can be our New Year’s! Every day of our life we can give ourselves permission to play in the sand like a kid, to celebrate our own birth into this world, every day we can awaken in the morning with such a fresh joy- we can take it all in like a child, everything is fresh and new.

In my own experience I have noticed that when I am awake with all of my senses, the whole world is bright and shiny, like a new car! That feeling of waking up for Christmas morning festivities or ringing in the New Year happens all year round because I allow myself permission to feel that way. We can and should enter into this state every day of our lives, no matter what the apparent “calendar” says.

Give yourself permission to live in the Now. Make the Now your primary resting place. Know that you are a timeless being and you can have a new life (not just a new year) whenever you so choose.

We will also be talking about Christina’ and Athella’s trip to the Antartica and what wonders they learnt there about our world and what is to come




Sara says, “No matter what 2017 was for you, look at greeting this year with a certain belief that 2018 will be a year of self-discoveries and wondrous possibilities. Do not take the disappointment or doubt from 2017, it has been spent and is already in the past. Greet this year knowing that you will embrace it open heartedly and in the belief that no matter what, you will give it your all and make it as awesome as you want it.

Understanding that the gift of the present is in your now and that it is up to you what you to paint on your life’s canvass for you are the artist of your life. Let 2018 guide you forward in wonderment and with cheer and invite it to be a most wonderful year in all aspects of your life. ”

Athella_s monastery

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