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CA 17-46 “The Universes Prayer for our Times”

Channeling Ascensions with Sara Troy, Christina Hill and their guest Sarah Hall, on air from November 14th. 

Sara Troy says “The need for prayer is never more evident as it is now, but to whom are we praying to and in how should we pray? In today’s conversation, we will be discussing the different ways we can pray even if it is just sending out good vibrations, there is a divine energy that feeds us and we need to channel its energy to strive and thrive through these times.”

Christina and Athella say “What does prayer mean to you? A different way to approach this topic would be to ask, what does prayer energy feel like to you?

Athella encourages us, humans, to allow any label that may limit us to fall away so we can feel the energy of what it is (in this case we are led to discover what prayer is based off what it feels like, not so much what we think about the word).

We might see prayer as “intention hoisting”, or the action of deliberately projecting the vibration of what we are wanting up and outwards, through the crown of our head via the heart centre.

Sarah says “The one joy of prayer is that you are guided to be mindful of your vibratory state, check in with your intention to be sure it is precisely what you want it to be, and then arc it up and out. A natural side effect of frequent prayer is staying in a high vibrational way, thereby increasing your awareness and one-ness with God, Source, or Universe.

Sarah Hall says, “Each individual has the power to influence positive change on the planet. Now as much as ever before, it is paramount for us to shine our light. Learn the empowerment of discovering your spiritual life purpose to contribute positively to world changes. Join spiritual teacher and angel communicator, Sarah Hall, to receive angelic insight on bringing light to the world during this time.”

Sarah Hall is a spiritual teacher, intuitive counsellor and healer. Sarah specializes in communicating with angels and teaches how to work with them to create peace and harmony in all areas of life. Sarah is an Angel Therapy Practitioner®, Medium, Reiki practitioner and Shamanic Journey guide. Over many years on her spiritual path, Sarah has witnessed incredible angelic healing in her own life as well as in the lives of her clients and students. Sarah gives all credit to the creator, the Angels, and the magnificent universe we live in.



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