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CA 17-44 Walking Through and Ascending Fear.

Channeling Ascension with Sara Troy and Christina Hill with guest Korrine Holt, on air from October 31ST. 

Sara Troy speaks to the all-encompassing grip of fear and the ever ending battle of taking back control by putting fear in its place.

Fear, it is so crippling, so controlling, so de-powering, and yet we give it so much power, why? On this show, we will be speaking to the channelling of empowerment and looking at fear at its source to understand its message and if it is really serving us.

We receive signs of direction all the time but ignore to ignore them, these signs which can be simple feelings are the redirects AWAY from harm, yet we brush them off and walk forward anyway. The Knowingness of divine truth will always steer you in the right way and without the fear but with the insight of what really fear is, it is just a warning sign, so yes pay attention, but do not give into fear for it is here to correct you not cripple you.


Christina Hill and Athella, say.

While meditating on this topic of ascending fear, I heard Athella pointing to the lyrics of a powerful song by the Dave Matthews Band, aptly titled, Ants Marching.

“Take these chances… place them in a box until a quieter time, lights down, you up and die”

We often don’t want to deal with our pain body or fear, our anxiety and discomfort, our dread or uncertainty. One thing is for sure when fear energy arises in our experience, one of the first things we tend to do is to distract ourselves from it. Distraction takes on so many forms, and ego has an excuse or justification for each one. Try and see if you can be mindfully aware this week of times where fear comes up in the content of your world. Then just watch and see. What are your ego’s seemingly favourite ways of distracting yourself from yourself?

One very basic way of becoming the observer of the fear energy is a technique Athella calls “inward-ness” or taking a momentary internal check in to look straight at the fear energy and feel it (note that this different than analyzing it or thinking about it). This technique is immediately followed up by dropping out of the labels, concepts, stories, and returning to Life (which is to say the breath). Deep mindful breathing while standing outside in nature will allow you to create spaciousness around ANY fear. After all, fear comes from the images and thoughts, which stir the emotions, which change the vibration, which influences your action. Take away the images and thoughts and the fear cannot survive in Light of consciousness. Nope, it sure can’t. It shrivels up like a prune and dissolves. All you have to do is KEEPING PRACTICING BEING IN LIGHT!

How do we take these “chances”, these opportunities to make fear our teacher and practice detachment? How do we begin to develop a curiosity around the fear energy, brushing up against it and then learning to reel back into Presence so that we are not up to our eyeballs in it?

It begins with YOU- you get to decide how often you spend time in the Unmanifested, in the Formless, or in Love’s Pure Light. What we experience when we become silent within is that only one thing is real- the divine love energy, the consciousness of I AM, the Presence that we perceive before we start thinking again. In other words, create breaks throughout your day where you will be silent and breathing, even if fear is not present. As this becomes your lifestyle, when fear does arise you will be able to see it for what it is and allow it to teach you


Korrine Holt adds to that.

What we all share with regard to fear is a fundamental misunderstanding. W

e ignore the infinite wisdom that is our True Nature. We forget on a daily basis that we are eternal beings having a temporary “go” at living a physical experience. Being singularly focused on the physical world, we are distracted from hearing the call of our soul. Just like when we’re deep into watching a movie and someone asks us a question; often times we don’t even hear them.

Ascending fear involves remembering we have an eternal Self that is wise and benevolent, offering guidance. The first step to ending suffering is taking a break from daily tasks and giving attention to the highest version of ourself. One of the ways I have done this has been writing mental questions and limiting beliefs. Listening for a response, I hear guidance of Divinity within.

The following excerpt is how one particular interaction with High Self began. This became the poem Dark Park Dialogue, a conversation between Heart and Mind that is possible for all of us. Heart’s response to mind’s resistance was gentle, direct, and beautiful, sharing insights for ascending fear.

Dark Park Dialogue 

“So, Heart,” Mind asks, “Why would I explore Dark Park I’ve made? It’s the mess I hide to get through the day. If I look too closely at what feels bad, I may never escape from being sad. It’s my job to park pain in the lot unlit. And pretend I’m completely free of it. When another event triggers more pain, I define it as bad and park it away. It’s an important role to be in charge, towing emotional wreckage into the dark…



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