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CA 17- 42 The Ascension of LOVE

Channeling Ascension with Sara Troy and Christina Hill with guest Korrine Holt, on air from October 17th

The Ascension of LOVE

Join Sara, Christina & Athella, and our special guest Korrine as we energize our mind-bodies and attune to who we really are, sharing stories/tips on how we can further integrate cosmic divine love into our internal and external world!

As you become more present in your own life, you begin to naturally exude and emanate that which is already yours.. it IS you, in fact.

Can you guess what “it” is? Yup, it’s that ineffable, indestructible, all-pervading Cosmic Divine One Love!

Cosmic divinity and our connection with love vibration are unwaveringly and unfailingly here for us, but how often do we feel these truths at the level of our mind-bodies?

If you are still walking around with lower level frequency thought patterns, old energetic programming/baggage that no longer serves you, or just an awareness that you are not as aware as you would like to be (part-time vs full-time conscious connection to the Divine) then smile and know that you are listening to this program at the perfect time! Christina.


Join us for a deep conversation on the ascension of LOVE

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Note from Korrine:

On the spiritual journey, it can feel like three steps forward and two steps back. Mentally, we know the core principles; and yet, some days, we simply don’t feel them when we get hooked by frustration with things that seem grossly unjust. On such days, I found myself asking, “So, where’s Love now, huh?” And we know how Divinity works, right? Ask a question, you get an answer. Mine came through verses, some of which I’ve shared here from the poem, “Where is Love?”

“…In your quiet moments, return to your center.

This opens the channel that has you remember there is no “where” Love is not, always speaking through every receptor you’ve got.

With nowhere to go to find Love’s evidence, turn your eyes in, look within your own residence.”

This gentle but powerful reminder has helped me remember that the power of the Divine is one inner glance and deep breath away. As I write this I hear beautiful bells drawing attention to the key word….REMEMBER.

Korrine Holt    Spiritual Teacher | Artist |  Poet.




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