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C20-40 Turīya’s Unreasonable Joy: Awakening through Trikaya Buddhism

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Turīya, on air from September 29th

At the age of twenty-eight, Turīya’s body began to fail her, and she became sick and disabled. She lost her lucrative career, many of her friends, and became wracked with constant pain. Instead of wallowing in her misfortune Turīya allowed her pain to take her on an adventure of the mind. Already a practicing Buddhist, Turīya deepened her work, found relief from her pain, and founded a new school of Buddhism that captures Buddha’s advanced Tantric teachings and puts them into an American form of Buddhism designed for the modern world. Today she teaches hundreds of people from all over the world Trikaya, her unique form of Buddhism. Turīya’s story is fascinating and inspirational. Your listeners will learn original and straightforward techniques for gaining control of their time, life, and mind by releasing the mental habits that create suffering.

Unreasonable Joy: Awakening through Trikaya Buddhism (Electric Bliss Publishing, October 27, 2020, $25.99) describes a brand-new school of Buddhism for the modern world and present-day seeker. Author Turīya writes from the premise that Enlightenment is real and exists right now, within us all. She shows how this innovative form of Buddhism, which she has been developing in the United States for over 25-years, can point the reader toward Enlightenment and liberation from suffering. Unreasonable Joy captures Buddha’s advanced Tantric teachings and puts them into a form of Buddhism that is compatible with 21st Century life. In the book, the reader will learn:

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“A beautiful work of kindness and compassion.”

~ Master Artist Pema Rinzin of the New York Tibetan Art Studio

· Simple meditation techniques that can be used anywhere, at any time, to calm, strengthen, and refocus the mind.

· How to gain control of time, life, and mind by releasing the mental and physical habits that create suffering.

· Build self-trust and discover how to use everything as fuel for spiritual growth.

· How to release limiting beliefs that blind the reader to their true nature

· How to focus on the inner work of changing the self, not the external world

Unreasonable Joy contains proven techniques that the author, Turīya, has taught thousands of people. The nine lessons explore the power of meditation, mindfulness, karma, emotions, and humility. Turīya provides essays, poems, and stories that ground the esoteric teachings in the world, and Practice Pointers show how to incorporate them into daily life. Unreasonable Joy gently encourages the reader to do the work needed to directly experience the ecstasy of existence and recognize who they truly are in this moment.

Unreasonable Joy: Awakening through Trikaya Buddhism

By Turīya

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Unreasonable Joy

Date of Publication: October 27, 2020

Turīya is a Buddhist monk, teacher, and author who, despite living with chronic pain, founded the Dharma Center of Trikaya Buddhism in San Diego in 1998 to share her path. For over 25 years, she has taught thousands of students how to meditate, trained teachers, and helped people discover the unreasonable joy of our true nature.

Unreasonable Joy captures the essence of the advanced Buddhist teachings: Enlightenment is real and available to every single one of us, right now. Turīya gently guides the reader into a deep understanding of the working of the mind, so we can see our patterns, learn how to control our wandering thoughts, and free ourselves from suffering. She invites the reader to embark upon their own journey of self-discovery through the system of Trikaya Buddhism outlined in Unreasonable Joy.

Day of Dharma on November 14 (my birthday!) event at Dharma Center; will be broadcast via Zoom. An afternoon of teachings about mindfulness and meditation practice will be presented by all of the teachers at Dharma Center.


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