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C20-30 Nina Thiara and Knowing when to Divorce.

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Nina Thiara, on air from July 21st

We know relationships have been tested during Covid, but how to know when to call it quits or to stay. Nina a divorce coach will speak to the signs that say, it is most defiantly over or not.

Nina Thiara is a Divorce Coach who provides her clients with the emotional clarity they need in making the decision whether to leave or stay in a marriage. It was Nina’s own personal journey of going through a divorce after 7 years of doing the emotional work to gain the clarity and wisdom whether she needed to save her marriage or leave. Nina is passionate about helping women make the right decision as divorce is a big step and it is absolutely necessary to leave with clarity, forgiveness and a new hope for the future.

Nina is a certified coach, a divorce expert, and a passionate advocate for women who supports women in making the most critical decision of their life. She has extensively worked with the most sought out world of thought schools and professionals to gain the wisdom, clarity, and knowledge women need to take the next step in their journey of leaving or staying in a marriage.

Nina is a Divorce Coach located in Vancouver, B.C. It was in 2008, when she started her personal healing and transformation. She peeled back layers and layers of unhealed trauma dating back to childhood. The work involved clearing away subconscious beliefs and programming. It was through Nina’s own healing journey that she has become passionate about empowering and supporting women.

Divorce does not have to be a messy and a complicated process. I’ve been there and learned the tools and skills. Now I’m ready to help other women do the same.

Private message me if your interested in learning more on how you can turn your divorce to happiness.

To book a session with Nina go to


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