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C20-19 Paul FinkelStein’s Journey to Toastmastering

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Paul FinkelStein, on air from May 5th

Paul over came great odds at an early age. At aged 18 he was a normal kid who loved soccer running and tennis and more he had to face having a rod attached to his spine for Scaliousus. Later he saw a photo of a random guy crossing a finish line in a marathon and thought I’d like to do that see what happens next, now he is loving being a marathon runner. In 2005 doing a normal routine to drive my wife’s father to the doctor that took a different route as he passes out at the wheel and hits a lamp post. Attached to a portable heart monitor he discovers the reason why.


He says, “I wish I heard of toastmasters in junior high school high school. Why didn’t someone recognize and suggest I attend and study with toastmasters? Parents insisted while attending Rochester institute of technology he also take Dale Carnegies human relations Public speaking class, where he broke out of my shell.

Pauls book

USA seniors or boomers 3 months shy of their 65th who are confused with medicare. This initial Medicare movie hour length is basic guided by Mr and Mrs medicare Sara and I


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