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C19-01 TO SEE BEYOND SIGHT! with  Kathleen Tonnesen

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest  Kathleen Tonnesen, on air January 1st 2019.

To see beyond sight.

I was born legally blind in my left eye. I was born with an eye disease in my right eye named Fuchs heterochromic iridocyclitis which is a disease of the iris leading to blindness over time. I am sharing my story of courage via art creativity at the encouragement of my business coach Cresswell Walker, to whom I am very grateful for guiding me through my turbulent emotional waters 2018. This, due to the 3rd eye issue that placed all my goals and plans for business on pause for the last 6 months, while I worked to recalibrate my brain to adjust to my new way of being. Thanks Cresswell. I will be interviewed by Sara Troy, Self Discovery Radio, in December, in the hope that my story may inspire and be of service to others who face challenges on their own journey. Stay tuned!





Kathleen Katon Tonnesen (14 July, 1963) is a Canadian painter, sculptor, inventor, author and poet. She was born in Cape Town, South Africa and immigrated to Canada in 1998. She has carved a professional career as a working artist since 1990 and is a respected international artist dedicated to the enhancement of public spaces with meaningful and thought provoking art. Excited by ideas, energy, movement and emotion, she developed a mixed media, multidisciplinary approach to her artworks, installations and live productions. She believes in allowing the creation to determine its own tools and process toward manifestation, including collaboration with musicians and cutting-edge technology. This is exemplified in her latest upcoming production, Traditional Martial Art (TMA) 2021 a family fun education 90-minute adventure via sensory experience, which utilizes immersive and interactive mixed VR technology, including her own inventions, in a touring 6000 square foot space, providing public awareness of the respectful values of martial arts.

Kathleen is a brown belt in Yoshinkan Aikido who has trained with several leading Aikido teachers in British Columbia. With a background in Early Childhood Education, psychology and acting, she strives to connect families and communities together through the language of art. Her passion is children and unleashing the child within the adult, thereby encouraging personal growth. Kathleen is dedicated to inspiring the human spirit and is a frequent guest speaker and art workshop instructor. She is currently completing a Bachelor of Arts, Psychology (major) through Thompson Rivers University. She is very diplomatic, organized, schedule and budget orientated and has a high degree of excellence in her persona which is reflected in her work.

Martial Arts: 2nd Kyu Yoshinkan Aikido



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