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C18-35 The Three Rooms, Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life with Kevin Murphy

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Kevin Murphy, on air from August 28th

What “Room” Are You In? The “Room” In Which Your Thoughts Reside Will Determine Your Quality of Business Success, Personal Relationships, Happiness & More!

Is your mind residing in The Past Room, where regrets, past hurts, painful memories, grudges or other memories are impacting you today? Or perhaps you are hanging out in The Future Room where worry, anxiety or fear haunt you daily?

Kevin Murphy has a powerful new book, called The Three Rooms: Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life (River Grove Books) that actually shows you a roadmap to The Present Room, the one where all of that fades away and you can fully blossom into your highest potential, greatest success and a love-filled life.

The premise behind The Three Rooms is simple, but profound. It explains that our experience of life is not based on what we have or what we do, but rather, it is based on what we think, and our thoughts can only be in one of three places: the past (Past Room), the future (Future Room), or the present (Present Room), and whichever room your thoughts are in determines your experience of life in that moment. Kevin explains how observing which room your thoughts are in, can change your experience of life.





Kevin Murphy is a former Wall Street managing director for Citigroup, high school and collegiate wrestling champion, community activist, speaker, coach, and author of the book The Three Rooms.

These experiences have given Kevin a unique and eclectic mix of understanding human nature. He noticed that our happiness and unhappiness in life is always the result of our thoughts – whether observations of the present, memories from the past, or projected fears about the future. Combining this theory with the deep personal insights he attained along his own 20+ year spiritual journey, Kevin stepped away from the corporate world to write the book The Three Rooms, in which he explains how observing which room your thoughts are in, can change your experience of life.

The Three Rooms invites you to start the process of better monitoring your thoughts—while providing you the keys to transform your life by doing so. As Kevin notes, those thoughts merely affect our health, our wealth and our relationships.


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