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C18-21 How Life Works with Andrew Matthews  

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy with guest Andrews Matthews, on air from May 22nd

How Life Works

By Andrew Matthews  

Why Happy People are More Successful and How you can be like them!

How Life Works is all about the power of belief and how your feelings influence what you receive in life.

Peppered with positive stories, funny cartoons and ‘in a nutshell’ summaries, this inspirational and accessible self- help book is distinct to other books in this arena in that it focuses not on thoughts but feelings being the life force and lifeline to the Universe. 

Matthews teaches us how to emulate happy and successful people and that it’s what you feel which attracts the sort of life you have. The best way to change one’s feelings is to stop focusing on what’s lacking and concentrate instead on one’s blessings. This even comes down to prayers. To achieve our dreams, our minds need to be in a relaxed happy state of anticipation, not in a place of desperation.

How Life Works tell us it’s not what happens to us in life, it’s how we feel about what happens, and that life’s great opportunities are often disguised as misfortune and disaster. The trick to the game of life is to feel happy, grateful and detached. When we simply love people with no strings attached, love comes back in abundance. The same is true of work – the easiest way to get inspiration is to be happy and grateful; that’s when life flows and we find ourselves in the right place at the right time.

If you’re going to read one self-help book this year, make it, How Life Works, which will strike a chord with readers of all ages and is filled with universal truths in an original, accessible and uplifting style. 





Andrew Matthews is a speaker at conferences worldwide on happiness and prosperity and is the author of a range of popular self-help books that have sold in 43 languages. He has addressed over a thousand corporations over five continents, from banks, government institutions to prisons, universities and schools. His speciality areas include life-work balance, embracing change, dealing with disasters and achieving success. He is based in Queensland, Australia, and he has appeared on over 4,000 TV and radio programmes. 


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