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C18-10 DEARJAMES. Intuitive Insight, Answers & Advice… To Your Life Questions

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest  DearJames, on air from March 6th


DearJames is an intuitive advice column, offering Insight, Answers & Advice… To Your Life Questions. The Insight, Answers & Advice are intuitive/clairvoyant in nature and are intuited from the Universe / Source.

DearJames is also a community, whereby resources for inspiration/motivation, charitable giving, discussions and the search for something “greater” in one’s life may be experienced, shared and realized.

You will experience here, my routine use of and faith in, the “Universe” / “Source.” Society uses many different names for the source, depending upon your faith, culture, religion, belief system, etc. For me, “source,” is all that is. It is that, which we are all connected, born from and return to. It exists in a higher realm than earth, and yet encompasses earth, the Universe and all that is.

In all aspects of life, I firmly believe the Universe / Source, speaks to each individual soul.

It is our internal compass.

It is only the degree in which each individual soul “tunes-in,” to that internal compass, that allows it a “greater” or “heightened” sense of connectivity and guidance… A higher intuitive sense of awareness or consciousness of the events occurring, not only in our own lives but also in the lives of those around us and the greater of society as a whole… the “collective consciousness.”

We are all part of the grander “Oneness,” or “All That Is,” as we are each individual souls, of the collective whole, on this journey of experience called “Life.”




Having begun this journey in 1992, and having read for individuals, both nationally and internationally, I can say with all honesty and sincerity, I did not come to this calling easily, and yet I did. It was and is an inherently innate gift. For me, there is no greater life gift, than the ability to help your fellow souls, on their journey through life. The ability to intuitively help people you’ve never met, met for the very first time, or known for lifetimes, overcome obstacles, push past / through fears, realize their inner potential, their dreams, and/or just make better decisions in life, is electrifying and humbling, awe-inspiring and reflective. It comes with great care, consideration and responsibility, great humility and grace.

DearJames is a conduit, a vessel, through which the Universe may communicate and I am a willing and humble steward of this communication. It is one way in which I am able to share this gift.

May the gift of Intuitive Insight, Answers & Advice, be yours, and may your journey through life be filled with conscious awareness of All That Is.


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