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C17-43b Blissful Parenting with Charles Murray Anderson

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Chuck Anderson, on air from October 24th 

Parenting is a joy and yet a challenge, they are individuals of their own journey of self-discovery in life and what purpose they have in this world. We are their custodians and here to guide them forward in life and give them our life wisdom for them to grow into being an abundant beautiful purposeful human being.

Charles will share with us some parenting tips on raising our children by truly hearing them and what they need to become all they are meant to be.




Charles Murray Anderson — Author, Blissful Parenting


My name is Charles Murray Anderson, Founder of Blissful Parenting. I help parents, teachers and caregivers to transform child behavior problems using positive discipline techniques that will stop the bad child behavior for good.

The material that I share in my book, courses, and workshops is really inspired by the behavior challenges that I face with my own children as well as the study that I have done over the last nine years. My most recent work is my book called Blissful Parenting which you can find on Amazon.

Over the past 6 years, I have embarked on a transformational journey that would forever change the way I view myself as a parent, my own behavior, as well as the relationships that I have with my children and my wife.

Now, not only do I enjoy more peaceful times with my family, but I also get to help other families locally in the Lower Mainland area of Vancouver, BC as well as a worldwide online audience. My book, courses, and workshops are held in schools, pre-schools, and daycares as well as through online media.

Inspired By My Own Challenges With Child Behavior

My tolerance level challenging behavior finally reached it’s threshold when my children seemed to be walking all over me when we were getting them ready for bed one night. I said to myself “That’s it! I’ve had it!.” But it wasn’t that easy at first. It turns out that this behavior is hard to eliminate once it gets started and is allowed to go on for awhile.

My first behavior reform method was punishing them! … BUT, this only worked the first couple times and then the behavior just kept coming back again and again, never really getting the message. No matter what the punishment was, eventually it was rendered totally and completely useless, day after day.

So I searched online for a solution but there wasn’t really any helpful information out there. Most of it was scattered and spotty at best. I couldn’t find any decent guidance to solving this problem and I wasn’t about to start spanking my kids (or any other kind of violence) as a way of scaring them straight.

Also, the idea of using potentially harmful “behavior control methods” on my beloved children didn’t sound too appealing either.

But after a lengthy process of trial and error, I figured out exactly what had to be done!


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