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C17-39a Mending a Broken Heart with Dr Parti

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Dr Raj Parti, on air from September 26th 

No one has come to understand how to heal a broken heart quit:e like Dr Rajiv Parti has. A renowned heart anesthesiologist, Dr Parti used to put people to sleep to mend their damaged hearts. It took an electrifying Near Death Experience (NDE) and the near death of his marriage to waken him to the truth of a truly healthy heart.

Before his NDE, Dr Parti was a strict and unforgiving man driven by money, materialism, and social standing who expected subservience and obedience from his wife and children. After having been guided through several levels of consciousness during his NDE, however, Dr Parti awoke a changed man, which he described in his best-selling book Dying to Wake Up  He left his medical practice, sold his mansion and expensive cars, made amends with his father and son, and began to help others find health and wellbeing through forgiveness, service, and love.



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All was not well at home, however. Dr Parti’s wife announced that she no longer loved him. She tore his heart apart. Thrown into what the medical community recognizes as “Broken Heart Syndrome,” Dr Parti fell into despair, anger, and disbelief. Months of mutual betrayal and heartbreak followed before the couple met to sign divorce papers.  At the very last minute, as they sat across from one another in the lawyer’s office and realized that their 30th anniversary was just six weeks away, they decided to hold off until their anniversary to try to work things out.

The trauma of the “near death” of his marriage prompted Dr Parti to apply the Consciousness-Based Healing lessons he had learned in his NDE to heal his heart, his wife’s heart, and his marriage. Nine months later, he and his wife are like honeymooners- in love, inseparable, and bound by more mutual respect, care, and forgiveness than ever before.

Dr Parti’s deepest pain has become his greatest joy. He is now called to help others heal their wounds from heartbreak and find love again.

“The Consciousness-Based Healing I learned on the other side transformed my life and gave me new purpose—to help the heartbroken heal and return to love again.”

DR RAJIV PARTI is a world-renowned heart anesthesiologist and was chief of anesthesiology at Bakersfield Heart Hospital for more than a decade before having his life-changing near-death experience. Trained in western medicine, Dr. Parti is also a student of eastern medicine, which has led him to formulate an integrative approach to total wellness.

He is a certified co-active coach from the Coaches Training Institute, A Mars Venus coach trained by Dr John Gray, a certified ayurvedic practitioner, a certified high-performance coach, grief recovery coach with training in trauma work, and a certified meditation instructor from the Chopra University.

Dr Parti tours the country extensively, holding workshops to demonstrate methods of healing heartbreak. He is the author of the best-selling book Dying to Wake Up: A Doctor’s Voyage into the Afterlife and the Wisdom He Brought Back (Atria Books, 2016), has appeared nationwide on television, radio and in print, and has been featured in the international press in the UK and India. Watch Dr Parti on Fox & Friends and KDVR-FOX in Denver.

Dr. Parti is currently writing his next book, Dying to Love, a practical handbook for journeying from heartbreak to love.

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