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C17-34 Dolphin Kasper on Evolving Now

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Dolphin Kasper, on air from August 22nd 

When we are rooted in living from the qualities of authenticity and clarity, and we let go of the need for coping and self-created filters, our way of living and interacting with others becomes grounded and deeply purposeful.  Our most positive qualities begin to naturally come to the surface leaving us more honest, compassionate and generous even in the most challenging and stressful environments.  Imagine if your most positive qualities and capacities were available to you regardless of the circumstances around you. Imagine if you had the ability to bring your very best to your work, to your family and to your life. This is what the work Evolve now offers is cultivating and making real.  

Once reacquainted with these essential yet forgotten parts of us we step back onto a developmental trajectory we all knew when we were very young.  One that had us in our innate love of learning, connecting and growing in partnership with the people around us.  We then begin to live to openly give, to fully receive and to consistently and progressively contribute to creating a better world.  What you are, the most beautiful and meaningful part of you gets to come to the surface and express itself through us and into our lives, our work and our world. Join us and rediscover your own highest calling and your deepest resources.




Dolphin Kasper, a consummate coach, speaker and facilitator of human growth and transformative communication, grew up in Vancouver BC and is now based in Edmonton, Canada.  For over 18 years, through his private coaching and thousands of workshops, retreats and online programs, Dolphin has been inviting people to become the empowered authorities of both their inner and outer lives.  He has a passion for creating the space in which people can recognize and integrate their conditioned limitations and coping mechanisms, opening the doorway to their full potential.  He believes in each person’s capacity to heal, grow and live a life beyond ideas and beyond imagined limitations.

Dolphin’s career has spanned a wide range of roles and experiences. From coaching professional athletes, to working with business leaders to supporting and empowering homeless youth, Dolphin has found the underlying truths about why the human system falters and what it needs to thrive. He brings this knowledge and clarity to the work he does with others in a way that profoundly changes their perspective and their capacity to become the source of sustainable positive change in their lives and in the world.   He takes the richest and most powerful learnings from these varied experiences and has honed them into 3 specific areas of expertise: Conscious Communication, Leadership and the most effective ways of Maximizing Human Potential.


 lINKED-IN: dolphin-kasper

Facebook: dolphin.kasper

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