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C17-30b Galactic Language with Donalie Caldwell

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Donalie Caldwell, on air from July 25th


I channel Galactic Language for mind/body healing. It can facilitate a change in the energy field and clear sub conscious patterns, programs and belief systems from this and past life times. Heal core issues releasing blockages and unlocking the sacred keys of becoming a Divine Human.

This language conveys the frequencies of light, sound and cosmic information from the ancients of the star system, our star lineage.It carries healing codes of light and unconditional love emanating from the Heart of the Universe, God, Creator, Source.This quantum energy language is capable of working on the cellular and even the DNA levels of the Emotional, Physical, Mental and Spiritual bodies.




You no longer have to be victims to your DNA. The Language communicates directly to your soul and the Innate, the smart body, at all levels where you are ready for a shift or healing to occur in your life. This can release and heal the deepest wounds and blockages that have kept us feeling unable to move forward.This newly discovered support will assist us in our rebirth and re-calibration to move us to greater freedom. We can achieve better health; reprogram our ageing process; be all that we can be and what we came to do with the pure sound frequency of Galactic Language. Step forward into the new you.


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