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C17-16a Discover Your Communications EPIC Code™ with Dotti Berry

 Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Dotti Berry on air from April 18th

EPIC Connections™ provides a truly interactive and EPIC Experience!  It is a reverse-engineered Personality Profiling System empowered by our VRB™ (Values Relationship Builder) that enables you to Discover Your EPIC Code™ in under 90 seconds.

This technology tool, via EPIC TAPP™ (Total Assessment Personality Profile) enables you to share this system with others so that they might also discover their EPIC Code™.  By inviting people to your unique EPIC TAPP™ link, they do not only discover their EPIC Code™, but also receive a complimentary detailed report…yes their own personal TAPP ($75 value).  The tool simultaneously sends you aggregated information about their code, allowing you to immediately, efficiently, and effectively tap into speaking their EPIC “native language” and improve your communication with them.




For mobile/tablets you can download free apps here:  CLICK HERE


Enjoy the Ultimate Tool that Transforms Your Presentations and Conversations!

Dotti is a 35-year visionary Educator/SocialPreneur and a recipient of both the ASI (Advertising Specialty Institute) Small Business of the Year in the United States and the Lexington, Kentucky Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year. She developed the patent-pending, reverse-engineered EPIC TAPP™ (Total Assessment Personality Profile) System.

She is also certified with T. Harv Eker’sTrain the Trainer and Dr. Shad Helmstetter’s Self-Talk Training. A former women’s basketball coach at the University of Kentucky, Dotti, aka Coach B, was “Born to Coach.” Today she rides a different vehicle as a Consultant, Peak Performance Coach, Trainer & Motivational Speaker. In 2005-06 she and her wife, Robynne, took a year a year-long journey, Gay Into Straight America, travelling and speaking across the U.S. with the intention of engaging hearts and minds, creating authentic connections, and transcending differences that separate us.

2017 is her thirteenth year of facilitating the SO (Significant Others) and Couples Program at Esprit Transgender Conference.

Daily Motto: Ancora Imparo (I Am Still Learning)

Daily Intention: Connecting, Engaging, Empowering, Innovating, Collaborating, &

Leveraging Our Unique Collective Talents to Create Synergistic Partnerships Globally.


*The key to Transformational vs Transactional Communication in less than 90 seconds

*EPIC Connections Unlock the Secret to More Effective Communication in under 90 seconds

*EPIC Connections Unlock the Secret to More Effective Communication in less than 90 seconds


To Discover Your Epic Code™

To Become an EPIC Partner with custom link

More shows to go to choose-positive-living


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