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C17-07a. Lumari on the “Unleash Your Intuition series”

Choose Positive living with Sara Troy and her guest Lumari, on air from February 14th 


Do you want to receive Divine guidance that will lead you to fulfill your dreams, purpose and your destiny?

How do you know whether your feelings, messages or thoughts are clear intuition guiding you in the right direction or your rambling mind and fears leading you astray?

Real Intuition and Divine Guidance will help you in all areas of your life. It will point you in the right direction and warn you when you’re stepping off a cliff.

When you can receive, recognize, trust and follow your intuition you make decisions quickly, live from a greater purpose and joy.

When you follow your Divine Guidance, your Intuition, you fulfill your own destiny while you uplift our world. Isn’t that at you want?

That’s why I’ve joined my special friend and colleague, Lumari in her truly inspiring and visionary series, Unleash Your Intuition: How to Make Decisions Quickly And KNOW you’re getting them right!

She invited me to share my wisdom, vision, and energy so we could all bring more access higher levels of intuition and guidance to you. I’m excited to share with you that I’m featured as an expert in this! SO today we are going to speak about the series and all the other guests and what you can expect from them all. 

Lumari says “What a fun and inspiring time I had with all my guests. During my interviewS, we shared some deep sacred vibrational space together. You’ll really want to hear this. And I also lead a very rich meditation during this interview”.



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This incredible interview series features over 20 of the most inspiring and evolutionary experts! And, I’m so honored to be among them along with the legendary Arielle Ford, Derek Rydall, Teresa de Grosbois, Debra Giusti and many more leading edge people!

  1. Embrace Your Divine Mission and know Real Purpose in your life

  2. Delight in Modern Mysticism and increase your manifesting skills

  3. Find your Soulmate and have true love in your life

  4. And so much more!

Lumari knows about Intuition, Divine Guidance, Spiritual connection. She’s been an Intuitive Life Coach, Psychic Consultant, Channel, Wisdom Teacher and Author for over 20 years helping her clients to Live Inspired!

Her coaching and consultations help you live your soul purpose, expand your spiritual development, ignite your creativity, increase your prosperity, fulfill your dreams, achieve greater success and Live Inspired. The author of the books Akashic Records, Alawashka and Living Inspired with Lumari, she brings an expanded awareness to readers.

She is the host of The Cosmic Coffee Break podcast and channels the wisdom of the Universe, with her wisdom teachings and beautiful meditations to help you shift into higher vibrations – just by listening. Take your inner being to the outer limits and make your coffee break a cosmic one!

When you join us, you have FREE access to some of the most inspiring teachers, coaches, healers and luminaries in the intuitive, spiritual, healing and sacred worlds to show you new ways to listen to, trust and increase your intuitive gifts, clear your energy, access greater healing, follow your inner guidance, and have a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life.

This is a truly profound Intuitive, creative and spiritual resource for you – one that is filled with innovative and proven guidance, tips, and wisdom for unleashing your intuition and following that guidance to live the best, most fulfilling life.

AND Every single guest is leading you in a meditation, practice, visualization and experience so you can connect first hand, immediately to a higher level of your being and intuition. And I am sharing one of my special practices with you, too!

We’re airing very soon, so join us right now, before you miss out on the wisdom, insight, practices and fun you need to expand, trust and act on your intuition to make the best decisions in your life!



Lumari’s site

Radio Podcast

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