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C16-48b. 365 Days of Gratitude with a Positive Attitude.

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Child author Muskan Virk, on air from November 29th.


Our children the leaders of our tomorrows have already begun to show us the way, we interview Muskan a child herself on why she wrote this book on Gratitude and what it has meant to her and what has become for us. 

Muskan came into this world as a miracle after her parents’ 16 years of marriage. At the young age of six, Muskan learned about the injustice that Malala Yousafzai had gone through, and was devastated. She was propelled to take action and

wanted to make a difference. She started by raising funds to donate to the Malala Fund and other local charities as well as journaling her thoughts of gratitude. From those beautiful daily gratitudes, 365 Days of Gratitude was born. Muskan now only 10 years old is inspired by knowing that her words will make a difference in people’s lives and would like to make a difference globally with her charity called Helping Hands, whose mission is to help homelessness in every country. Partial proceeds of this very book will be donated to Helping Hands as a continued effort in ensuring you are also a part of making a difference. Muskan lives with her parents and her dog Butterball.



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Contact Meera Muskans mother for further information. 

Muskan’s mom’s show with me GO HERE 

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