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C16-46a Discover Your Life Purpose by doing what you Love

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy  and her guest   Jennifer Noel Taylor, on air from November 15th. 


Do What You Love and the Money Will Come

We’re all heard the saying “Do What You Love and the Money Will Come?”  But is that really true?  What are so many people who are living their purpose still struggling to make ends meet?   Jennifer Noel Taylor, author of Love Incorporated: The Business of Doing What You Love,” also spent many years struggling with money while pursuing her true calling in life.  She quit her “real job” in the corporate world and took on the role as CEO of Quantum-Touch Inc.  While pursuing her true passion,  she managed to accumulate $135,000 of personal and business debt!   Then… she had a “wake up” call which changed her relationship to money and her mission.  It is possible to do want you like AND create financial balance but it requires some important action steps which we will talk about on the show!

 Jennifer Noel Taylor, author of Love Incorporated and CEO of Quantum-Touch, Inc., dedicates her life to helping people just like you discover the healing power of love.  After over 14 years in the alternative health field,  she feels that an essential part of the healing process for many people is the discovery of their life purpose.  She is passionate about helping people discover their life purpose and create fulfillment in their lives.  There are some action steps you can do today to discover your life purpose and create a more fulfilling life!  We will talk about these on the show!



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