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C16-45a Talk to Maggie about Aura Soma and more.

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Maggie Huffman, on air from November 8th 


Maggie Huffman is a career life coach, speaker and the author of the bestselling books, Oh Snap! My Career is in Crisis, Whoops! I Forgot to Achieve My Potential and WTF?!? I Still Believe this Sh*t? and Aura Soma.

What is Aura Soma? well we are going to find out in this show and in how it helps you along with her books and services, tune in. 

Aura Soma is a non-intrusive, self-selective color system – a  modality for self-discovery, growth and healing. Aura Soma uses both the universal and individual languages of color and light.

The equilibrium bottles (shown) are comprised of oil and water, and combine the energies of color, plants and crystals.  There are currently 114 beautiful equilibrium bottles, each with a unique color combination.

In an Aura Soma consult, you select 4 bottles that “sing” out to you – visually or energetically. The specific bottles that you choose, the color combinations and the order that you choose them will provide us with an amazing amount of information and insight, revealing layers of understanding about yourself. Together we work to understand your talents, opportunities, strengths, challenges, the future you wish to draw towards you and your growing edge. As an Aura Soma Practitioner, I help you to translate the insights into inspired action.

Aura Soma is truly a journey of transformation through self discovery. “You are the colors you choose.”

Consults can be done in person, over the phone or via Skype.



For mobile/tablets you can download free apps here:  CLICK HERE


Maggie spent 20 (mumble) years in the corporate world. Granted, it was in wine, but it wasn’t all sipping and spitting! She led many large projects and cross-functional teams – many of them global. She had a unique career path, fixing a lot of broken systems, structures and processes, which gave her access to a wealth of tools and metaphors.

In her coaching practice today, she will use anything at all that helps her clients to take inspired action and fulfill their true and full potential. These things can come from the world of science (neuroscience, quantum physics, nutrition), from the land of corporate (project and change management, executive coaching, process improvement), the world of woo (visualizations, thought work, metaphysics), pop culture or just random fun things (humor, jargon, sticky notes and Tombow markers.)

Maggie lives in a quirky, almost imaginary world that looks suspiciously like Stars Hollow (of Gilmore Girls fame), with a workspace straight from the set of The Good Witch, except that it is in Sonoma, California, where there really isn’t any snow. She thinks in a weird combination of metaphors, song lyrics and Excel.


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