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C16-43b Get the Press to Promote You for FREE! with Fiona Harrold

Choose Positive Living with SARA Troy and her guest Fiona Harrold on air from October 25th


You can come from anywhere.

If I had waited for someone to give me what I wanted from life, I’d still be waiting.

Get the Press to Promote You for FREE!

When you’re featured in the media, clients chase you! You instantly reach thousands and millions of your ideal clients and you are also seen as an Authority in your Field. There is no faster way to reach your audience and no more powerful way to stand out from your competition and have the impact you want in the world. Fiona Harrold built a 6 figure business, attracted publishing deals and opportunities to speak across the world – all from getting in the media. Fiona will share with you her secrets for getting in the media without having to spend a fortune on a Publicist!

Fiona Harrold is the pioneer of coaching in Europe. Known as the ‘Queen Bee of Coaching’, she has brought coaching to the public through television and radio appearances and columns in magazines and newspapers. She works with individuals and businesses to make more impact and more money by becoming the stars in their field and having a media profile. The Times of London calls her ‘one of the new gurus to get inside our minds.’ Her books include the best-selling, Be Your Own Life Coach, The 10-Minute Life Coach, The 7 Rules of Success, Reinvent Yourself and Indestructible Self-Belief. Born and raised in Northern Ireland, Fiona is a popular speaker on stages across Europe and the US – and now Canada!

My childhood was spent in Northern Ireland during ‘the Troubles’ of the 1970’s. My family was Catholic, at a time when Catholics were treated as second-class citizens. There were no Catholics in positions of power. No Catholic police officers, civil servants, and no ministers. No role models.

We could have just accepted the message that we were somehow not good enough and didn’t deserve better. Instead, I was raised in an environment of “Why shouldn’t I?”

I learned to live without limits and never to think that those in authority were better or knew better than me.

And that’s why someone from a working class background with no formal training can coach people from all walks of life: Lords and Ladies, politicians, public figures and CEOs.



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Take your rightful place on the world stage as the star in your field. No limits. No waiting. No excuses.

For Fiona’s “Star Maker” program SIGN UP HERE 



For Fiona’s “Star Maker” program SIGN UP HERE 

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