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C16-41b “Life is Happening FOR You” with Jay D. Allen

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Jay D. Allen, on air from October 11th . 


“It’s the WHY that is missing to CONNECT the dots,

To HEAL our world and EXPAND our thoughts…”

Jay D. Allen is a transformational thought leader who has inspired thousands. Through his book, talks, seminars and videos… he shares tremendous insight and understanding into the purpose of life, the journey and evolution of the soul, and how we can be loving and conscious participants in this perfect Divine plan… His teachings not only connect the dots, but more importantly, connect, unite, and transcend all major religions, science, and spirituality with the awareness of the Universal Law of Life…

Jay’s path to self-discovery accelerated when at the age of eighteen he collapsed and was taken to hospital where he remained unconscious for three days. He was diagnosed with a mid-brain tumor, underwent emergency brain surgery and was not expected to wake up…  He survived with a life expectancy of only fifteen months.  25 years later, doctors still cannot explain why he is still alive…

Jay offers his timeless wisdom in a modern and easy to understand language as it applies to everyone equally and impartially regardless of race, religion, nationality or gender, and in a way that people can personally experience as a new relationship with life through a shift in self-perception and not take his word for it…



For mobile/tablets you can download free apps here:  http;//


Jay is the author of Humans In TrainingEvolution of the Soul, and his upcoming books, Humans In Healing – Expansion of Consciousness… and Humans For Giving – Evolution of Leadership


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