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C16-40b Illuminating Art-Music & Spirit with Kim Karrington Cartwright,

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Kim Karrington Cartwright, aired from October 4th on.


Kim is a Published Poet, a BMI songwriter, spent years in the Music Industry as a singer, doing session work and commercials, and performing at well known Nightclubs in L.A. and other venues. She also performed as a dancer and did Television and stage work. Kim is a long-time member of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (ATAS) and has had longstanding membership in the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS).

Kim has been an avid photographer, writing, and painting, and having won awards in English, Composition, and Language all since she was 7 years old. She trained in Los Angeles with the premier vocal, dance, and acting coaches in the country since the age of 12.



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Kim writes both the words and music to her songs; meaningful lyrics with memorable, expansive melody lines. Her catalog ranges from pop and rock; to blues, jazz and R&B; to country, gospel, and rock opera. Kim is a mezzo-soprano with a four-octave vocal range. She sings and speaks French and Spanish – she is well acquainted with Italian and German. Kim worked as a Publicity Coordinator & Celebrity Interviewer for a top Photoplay celebrity columnist while in her twenties.

She traveled extensively across the United States (including Hawaii), Bahamas, and Europe; was exposed to most every major philosophy and religion; and grew up immersed in socio-political and philosophical/metaphysical discussions as well as meditation. She has met, experienced, conversed or studied with many of the leading master, teachers, and philosophers of the 20th and 21st Centuries. She has had a strong connection to animals, spirit, and nature and had many mystical experiences since she was a child. Kim was raised holistically and has been an organic vegan/vegetarian since she was very young.


Kim paints artwork that has been described as the “Womb of Creation”. Kim has a deep passion for photography. At times Kim uses colour and texture to create photos that transcend their original image or transform them into something amazing, wondrous or mysterious. Sometimes, however, the play of light that she captures is the magic that brings forth the most incredible and multidimensional images. Kim’s intent is to always be faithful to the integrity of the image and stay as close as possible to the natural essence of it. Her photographs often look like etheric paintings. Kim also uses a technique where she paints images on top of her photos.

Kim’s bliss is to bring forth images that move someone on the deepest level, as much as a poem can. One of her greatest joys has been hearing from those who have had a visceral, uplifting or cathartic experience just by gazing at one of her photographs. She marries her photographs to her poetry and sometimes one of her photographs will inspire one of her poems.

Having been raised in a dramatic and lengthy divorce Kim’s passion for writing was the perfect escape from the weight of the world. Writing has always been a vehicle for catharsis, awareness, and realizations for Kim.  It has been her solace and the greatest expression of her depth of feeling and sensitivity.

Performance Highlights

Kim’s first creative job was as a dancer in a film doing a rock/rock routine known as S.W.A.T. created by well-known dancers Papo & Jr. out of Brooklyn. Kim sang her original songs in front of over 5000 Vietnam Veterans in a show along with major members of the Doobie Brothers, including Keith Knudsen and John McFee, plus Jack Mack and the Heart Attack and Tommy Tutone. When she was 17, Kim performed the female lead in a Jay Livingston Broadway Backers Show in front of Gene Kelly and Marge Champion opposite Jesse White, William Schallert, and Teddy Wilson. Kim performed as a session singer for commercials and recording projects. She also did Television and stage work. She had sold out performances at well-known Los Angeles clubs.

Extensive Training

Kim’s vocal training has been substantive with Seth Riggs (Michael Jackson, Natalie Cole, Bette Midler, Stevie Wonder), Poul Thomsen (Caruso’s Technique), and Jeanette Goldenberg of Tin Pan Alley (Frank Sinatra’s coach). Her dance training was with Joe Tremaine and at such well-known schools as Roland Dupree Dance Academy and Academy West. Her acting training included studies with Peggy Feury at the Loft, Lieux Dressler’s Patio Playhouse, The Film Industry Workshop (at CBS Studio Center – Radford Studios), Sandra Knight, and USC Drama School. She attended and completed David Craig’s Musical Theatre Workshop, Robert McKee’s Story Structure Workshop and a Voice-over Workshop with Don Pitts. Kim completed an extensive Film Workshop with Eric Sherman regarding every aspect of Film Production – Producing, Directing, Screenwriting, Cinematography, Editing, & Business Concerns.

Book coming soon to you.

Prologue to The Taste of Freedom, A Poetic Prosaic Photographic Journey © by Kim Karrington Cartwright Having had many mystical experiences since I was a child I was able to experience in this one life, seeming lifetimes of experiences, which all related in one way or another to learning to save and value me as much as I saved and valued others. I have encountered and been exposed to a plethora of human emotions, trauma, heartache, injury, and loss. So that is why I brought forth the books, to help people live in this world and face the challenges from a standpoint of Practical Spirituality which is based in authenticity, compassion, integrity, intuition, catharsis, release and understanding. It is a realistic, feasible, and doable process to address day to day issues from a soul-filled and spiritual standpoint while still living the human experience with all its majesty, sensations, and challenges. It is bridging and balancing the seen and the unseen, the local (microcosm) and non-local (macrocosm), time and space and timeless and space-less, the mundane and the divine and making peace with the paradox of existence and ostensible duality. This Book Trilogy is all about helping people find and live in a state of freedom, contentment, and value and treating the individual with respect and dignity throughout the journey, honoring his or her emotions and processes in a kind, deep, expansive, insightful and supportive way. Sometimes people make other people feel bad, telling them that if they were only more “grateful for” and “positive about” what they were going through, it wouldn’t be happening. Or they should “Just Forgive, Forget” even while in the midst and fury of the trauma as they are “holding on to being mistreated” and “responsible for keeping it going”. This sometimes initiates resistance in the person being told this as the words can be used or implied in a way that makes them feel more separated versus whole and utterly unsupported. They start hiding and burying their feelings and emotions to seem more “spiritual” and fit in. Conflict ensues as they are not being true to themselves and mini volcanoes start to erupt within which eventually pour out as energy into their lives. That energy brings in events, people, and circumstances on the outside, in their daily life, that then forces them to address the emotions, feelings, and issues that they were trying to deny and suppress to be accepted by others. In reality, the process of forgiving helps free the injured person more than the individual who needs forgiving. The “victim” no longer has to emotionally carry the full weight of the deeds or crimes because of the unprocessed grief and unresolved injustice of the experience. Forgiveness is a process of letting go to be free, and it blesses both sides when that energy is released. The blessing of gratitude, acknowledging all that there is to be thankful for, is something wonderful and life-affirming but it needs to come more from within than without. You cannot pressure someone to be “more grateful.” I have found that if people are approached more from a standpoint of bringing them back to LOVE, self-worth, self-love, and their inherent value as connected to a divine source, a beneficent universe, there is less resistance and more flow and healing. Their energy can shift because their minds are not creating a defense mechanism making them feel like they are “less” and “unworthy” because they were feeling sad or angry about a circumstance that was taking place in their life that was often happening through no apparent fault of their own. Their feelings were valid. Through processing their emotions in a safe and meaningful way, people are able to understand where and why the feelings are coming up and honor the process and release them. In this way, they can open their hearts and minds to dwelling more on positive thoughts and affirmations. And gratitude for the abundant gifts that are all around them, in them, and through them becomes a natural process and blossoms and blooms more easily and visibly each day. I have found that in honoring my value, my heart, I am able to better evaluate and understand the core of another.


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You can hear some of Kim’s music right here, stay tuned as to how you can purchase them



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