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C16-39a Living Awake & Awakening to Live with Peter Cutler

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Peter Cutler airs from September 27th on. 


My approach to life is nothing really new. It’s been part of Zen and Advaita (non duality) for thousands of years. Yet in this present moment it is all entirely new. Mostly it’s simply allowing life to be life exactly as it is and the exquisite beauty, gratitude and love that come from doing this simple and rather obvious thing. The problem is our heavily conditioned thoughts have become so removed from reality that we no longer perceive it as it is. Most of us live in a “thought-world” not the world as it is, which is far more wonderful than any thought could ever imagine.


Peter Cutler fully awakened when he was only twenty-two years old. After ten days living in this awakened consciousness, he promptly fell back into the dream of separation. This began a forty-year spiritual search that finally flowered as the lasting state of awakened consciousness it is today.



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Much more than a book, “it is a true living miracle.”  It is a direct route to your spiritual heart. Perhaps you have never before experienced true unconditional love.

In this book you will.           BOOK COMING SOON 

Chapter one introduction. GO HERE

Peter is a vehicle that allows others to experience their True Awakened Nature. This happens through the Enlightenment Experience Groups, individual mentoring and coaching, workshops, retreats, writing, videos, The Zen of Love, and the energetic transmission that come through his Zen paintings. Access to most of this is available on this website.

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