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C16/35b ARTS to Self-Esteem Project.

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Amelia Kemp on air from August 30th. 

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The Sacretherapy Institute announces the launching of its Ur2.Global Self-Esteem Project showcasing the ARTS to self-esteem. The Ur2 acronym stands for “you are too”, believing that not only are the rich and famous wonderful creators but all of mankind is and Ur2! The self-esteem site is now inviting adults, teens and kids from all over the world to submit their creative works that promote self-esteem. The artworks will be showcased on the site within the following arts areas: performing arts – music, drama, rap; visual arts including photography; and the literary arts to include poetry, epics, spoken word, and short stories.

Co-founder and President – Amelia Kemp, Ph.D., LMHC is a licensed psychotherapist, singer/song writer and author. She wrote and performs a song specifically for the Ur2.Global self-esteem project that is showcased on the site titled:” I’m Good Enough” along with a music video that dramatizes the verses of the song. Kemp performs under the name: Dr. K’s Music Therapy and states on the Ur2.Global website that “Ur2.Global believes that we are each creator made in the likeness of the Creator and have within us sacred and unique creativity that’s the key to mastering the art of self-esteem. It’s just waiting to be discovered from within, unleashed, cultivated and expressed. Whether you create in a tiny room or fancy studio, feeling good about who you are and what you have to offer the world matters! So we needn’t be rich or famous to feel great about ourselves. Celebrities are wonderful and UR2!”

Co-Founder – Lamarr Kemp, Sr., MBA states that in addition to the main four ARTS submission categories above, UR2.Global also offers supporting projects to uplift self-esteem every Friday. The Fun Friday categories are as follows:



For mobile/tablets you can download free apps here:  http;//


1st Fridays – are dedicated to youth and called UR2-4Real – Youth Project. Submissions are being sought from 2nd – 12th graders to re-instil that they are important and valuable contributors to this world society too! The UR2-4Real slogan comes from the years that the co-founder spent as a former Director of Mental Health Counseling within the school board and noticed how often she had to emphasize to youth that they too really mattered, and how as they shrugged their shoulders in disbelief she found that once she added “for real” to the sentiment they seemed to believe it more.

2nd Fridays – are dedicated to those who are in locked facilities and called – Ur2 – Unlocked Spirit! Ur2.Global believes that within the realm of life there is a great diversity of human experience and as such there are those whose self-esteem has been diminished due to living in locked facilities, whether it be hospitals, nursing homes, or prisons. As such, UR2.Global seeks submissions from those in these environments that demonstrate how your spirit and mind remains free and keeps your self-worth in tact.

3rd Fridays – are dedicated to the body and called: Ur2-Self-Esteem Does A Body Good! Recognizing that self-esteem is often lower for some people due to their perception of their bodies UR2.Global created this supportive project enlisting holistic and alternative physicians and healthcare practitioners from all over the world that will offer advice on how to honour the body-temple and take better care of one’s physical health.

4th Fridays – is called: Chapter II – It’s Not Too Late! And seeks submission from women 50+ whose self-esteem was diminished because they thought it was too late to accomplish their heartfelt desires. Many got distracted by life, having spent years raising the kids and/or working to support their families and never got around to investing in their own dreams. As such, UR2.Global seeks to revitalize these women to know it’s not too late. This project is particularly dear to Dr. Kemp who has released her first original CD at age 50+ stating that trauma took her away from her music and healing others brought her back.

For more information and to submit your art form visit the website at: www.UR2.Global. The song “I’m Good Enough” is being used as a fundraiser for the not-for-profit and retails for $2.00 and available through as a soft release, while the remaining tracks for the inspirational CD are being produced. The accompanying music video may be viewed at www.UR2.Global. The project currently has global liaisons in the U.S. and abroad for five continents and invites more to help spread the word.

LISTEN TO HER SONG “I’M Good Enough” all proceeds go to support the UR2.Global Fund.

 Psycho-spiritual music video Awareness for female genital mutilation/cutting

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I Sara Troy am proud to be a member of UR2.Global 


Amelia participated in our Self Discovery Ebook series, come read it here. 

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