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C16/34b. Awakening Your Inner Oracle’s Power with Peter Sammarco

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Peter Sammarco airs August 23-29th 

You are the Oracle you seek

Peter is a  visionary and strategic author with a track record for connecting people, groups and/or couples to greater levels of growth and fulfillment. Peter, implements relationship and business philosophy standards to deliver unparalleled communication solutions to his clientele. Meticulous and vigilant professional with a strong attention to detail and proactive approach to problem solving, adeptly anticipates, averts and resolves issues in all aspects of human interactions. Employs calm, mild-mannered approach to motivation and inspiration being first and foremost a bridge-builder and conversation starter while helping to unlock his clients own unique talents and voice.

 Peter has learned from his experiences that we all have many things in common. We all want to be healthy, happy, prosperous and wise. “Let us do it together!” says Peter. It is in knowing who we are that we find peace. And most importantly it is in loving  ourselves that we are truly rich.



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Your guides to awakening your inner power. Oracles transcend all cultures and religions, prophesying and pronouncing infallible wisdom. Peter inspires you to listen to your own Inner Oracle, and be the creator of your own world.


The Inner Oracle Collection:




Peter Sammarco knows  this: we are one, and capable of doing everything and anything. It is from this knowing, and from his own personal odyssey, that he shares the secrets that need to be awakened within us all. Whether in his writing, or through his service with Canpeace Consultants Inc.,  Peter delivers practical help for growing true success in daily life.

When he is not busy authoring books and attending speaking engagements, Peter proudly works alongside his father, Pasquale, at their family business, Richmond Vinyl Siding; a trusted company that was built from the ground-up nearly 40 years ago, and has been one of the most successful renovation companies in the region ever since. Peter has also been quite supportive of his mother’s endeavours; Serafina Sammarco, recently penned her emotionally-charged memoir of her teenage daughter Isabella’s illness and passing:

Serafina’s story is here   Isabelle’s Journey

“First, promise a lot and deliver even more.”

“People don’t care how much I know, until they know how much I care.”

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