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C16/33b ‘Body by Funk”-Rejuvenate Mind Body Nutrition

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Teresa Funk aired August 16-


     Holistic Health & Wellness Nutrition Program     

It’s not just the food we eat that affects our health but all of the other factors in our busy lives. We often overlook the importance of healthy relationships, a fulfilling career, regular physical activity, and a spiritual awareness in which all are essential to our nourishment. Once these “Primary foods” are balanced, food becomes Secondary.

Teresa is there to support you in choosing the right foods for your individual needs and living a life that inspires and rejuvenates you.

Teresa will work with you to construct a sensible plan that is based on your unique bio-individual nutritional and lifestyle needs. The client will gain in-depth knowledge and awareness of food choices and lifestyle changes that will help attain and sustain a healthier, rejuvenated mind and body.

Teresa Funk began her fitness career in figure competitions, placing first in the BC Provincial Championships in 2007 and 5th in the 2008 Canadian Nationals.



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While growing her company, Body by Funk, Teresa found her true passion was helping others achieve a dynamic and holistic approach to fitness and nutrition. She sought further education while raising a family and running a business, earning her certification as a Personal Trainer and Holistic Nutrition Coach and Health Counsellor..

Teresa’s newly branded company, Rejuvenate Mind Body Nutrition, provides services to individuals, groups and companies interested in a philosophy of health and wellness.

“I encourage the health and wellness of my clients by examining health history, habits and goals and resolve issues regarding unbalanced eating, emotional eating and weight loss or weight gain. I explore relationships, spirituality and career and help clients find a balance in their lives and approach nutrition as a way to heal and educate about their own unique bio-individuality.”


Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach and Health Counsellor and Certified Fitness Trainer with CFES (Canadian Fitness Education Services).

Facebook: BodyByFunk

Twitter: BodyByFunk

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