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C16/25a Own Your Good Vibrational Signature

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Colleen Wynia airs June 21st-27th

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After a very vibrational show together Sara decided that a show and article on how to find our own vibration signature was needed. Here are some points in finding and keeping your Good Vibrations.

To own your good vibrational signature, it’s essential to understand the basics on Law of Vibration as a universal principle. The Law of Vibration is a primary law that supersedes the Law of Attraction, a prerequisite if you will for designing your life.

An easy way to interpret is to consider the function of Law of Gravity. We all understand gravity, so a simple comparative explanation is when we take into account the Law of Lift. The Law of Lift clearly supersedes the Law of Gravity in order for airplanes and helicopters to take flight. The same holds true for Vibration.

As we fine tune our vibrational set-point by Raising and Aligning our Vibration from the inside, we are more positively and divinely positioned to attract Vibrant Health, Love, Purpose, Money and Magic!

What you think and how you feel on a daily basis is THE MOST important thing. The positive energy behind your thoughts and behind your feelings influences all of your Creations. Creations that feel good, and creations that don’t feel so good. Knowing the contrast is equally important.

To make positive changes in your life, in your business, in your relationships, and improve your health to live a long, vibrant and joyful life, you must start within. Learn how to effectively reset your vibration so that you become a powerhouse and magnetic “attractor” for that which you desire.

We share our Key factors on finding and keeping your good vibrations with an article and a show, join us here for the show airing from June 21st on and go to the link below for the Tutorial Article.

You will find the Tutorial Article



For mobile/tablets you can download free apps here:


Colleen is a Vibrational Success Coach in North Vancouver, British Columbia who is passionate about learning, living and teaching the fundamental principles of Quantum Physics and its relation to the Universal Laws of Attraction. Colleen coined the term Quantum Energy Awareness (QEA).

Drawing from her personal tragedies losing many loved ones through illness, addictions and suicide, coupled with her own addictions, near death experiences, disabling health injuries, financial bankruptcy, relationship heartbreaks and more, Colleen combines 20 years expertise as a transformational coach, grief & loss counselor, medium & spiritual advisor, bodywork practitioner and nutrition & wellness coach, to bring heart-centered solutions to help “Reset Your Vibe” for a Healthier, Happier you!


Sara Troy

When not running and hosting Self Discovery Radio, Sara is in Discovery peoples D.I.V.A.’s the ability to Dream, Inspire, Visualise and Aspire to life. Her teachings have been accumulated for over 41 years with her some of her own programs. As an intuitive and possibility seer, she loves it when people discover themselves and their own meaning in life.

Living in wholeness and love of self is what she wishes for everyone in life.

   Colleens Past show with Sara


For mobile/tablets you can download free apps here:  http;//



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