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C16/19b My Divorce to Happiness with Nina Thiara

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Nina Thiara aired May 10th-16th

When seeking relief from painful relationships there are many things we must consider.   We must consider our external world as well as our interior world.


It is possible to use our divorce as a catalyst for change and create a new life that is filled with promise, possibilities and freedom. I believe that people who come into our lives and mirror our buried emotions, they are here to wake us up to loving and healing ourselves.

My divorce taught me many things about taking responsibility for my emotions and connecting inwardly with my pain to sort through the layers of conditioning and arriving at a place of empowerment and clarity as a result.Coming from an arranged marriage, not knowing anything else as is is her culture she married only to become ill due to such unhappiness.

She took back her life and found a mentor who helped her find that self-love self-respect and life’s purpose, and now today she helps others find their path to happiness through a divorce. Although this is not an advocacy of divorce before trying to save a marriage, sometimes divorce is the only answer and preparing for the process and knowing what to do can make it so much more calmer and without animosity.

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Nina is a Divorce Coach located in Vancouver, B.C.  It was in 2008, when she started her personal healing and transformation.  She peeled back layers and layers of unhealed trauma dating back to childhood.  The work involved clearing away subconscious beliefs and programming.  It was through Nina’s own healing journey that she has become passionate about empowering and supporting women.

Divorce does not have to be a messy and a complicated process. I’ve been there and learned the tools and skills. Now I’m ready to help other women do the same.

Private message me if your interested in learning more on how you can turn your divorce to happiness.

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