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C16/18a “Joie de Vivre” with love and respect- Alain Rheault

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Alain Rheault aired May 3rd-9th

It is a choice to be polite to be kind to care for one another,  a little gratitude and respect goes a long way and in its simplicity can heal our hearts and souls again.

Alain was born in Ramore, a small town near Timmins (Ontario). When he was 12 years old, Alain and his family moved to Welland, located 20 minutes from Niagara Falls (Ontario). Every chance he had, he would ride his bike to “the falls” to enjoy the beautiful scenery. When Alain was 19 years old he enrolled in the Canadian military, a career he deeply enjoyed. Later, he changed his career to the oil field of Alberta Canada.  

Alain has a wonderful daughter named Dominique who he is very proud of. Being well
 surrounded with great friends, an outstanding family and the various enriching
 life experiences, Alain decided to write a book about the joy of living life and 
how to achieve this by being kind to people. To name but a few of his qualities,
 Alain is very attentive to others and their needs, he is kind, generous and
 considerate… a true gentleman! His written thoughts in this book are reflective
 of his true feelings and actions, he believes that while respecting others is 
important, respecting yourself is crucial. He is very comfortable putting his real 
self forward, is confident in expressing how he truly feels inside his heart and
 does not believe in fear.                            

Living life with Joie de Vivre is being entirely comfortable to be your authentic
 self, to be really grateful and at your most happy in your life. It is the moments
 you can truly saver knowing that you listened and trusted the real love in your 
heart, all the love in your life.  It’s having full faith in yourself and to be the
 best that you can be. Knowing you can trust your heart to live well with solid relationship you have established. With your authentic self and with others knowing you have done your absolute best. It’s living with no fear, with 
absolute joy, going after exactly what you want fully enjoying the journey of 
your life and really living in the present, this very moment, because you know
 life is beautiful.



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Joie de Vivre is enjoying life to it’s fullest and embracing what life offers.

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