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C16/17b The Quest for LOVE with Ainsworth Forgenie

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Ainsworth Forgenie on air from April 26th

President of WAVE Healing Center  Ainsworth is a Teacher; Counsellor; Healer & Visionaire. Ainsworth teaches empowerment through self acceptance. He shares the spiritual principles that will help you unearth the negative, destructive elements of the past and empower you to overcome your limitations and reconnect to your authentic self. Guiding you to the path you must travel to manifest your harmonic, divine purpose and destiny through the power of unconditional love.

Bening a teacher & spiritual healer Ainsworth Forgenie’s goal is to bring healing to those seeking spiritual restoration. If they happen to be aware of the shackles, they are usually unaware of the mechanisms necessary to remove them. He works to equip them so that they can reach a place of wholeness, connectedness and full self-awareness

. Empowering them so that they can live a transformed life and so thereby experience true freedom and joy.

Ainsworth was baptised at the age of 17 ½ started preaching by 18 and was a pastor by 19. A role which he was engaged in until 34. After which he did seminars and workshops etc. Through a series of events which led to intense study he eventually, about 7 – 8 years ago, decided that he was no longer going to accept the Christian dogma as THE TRUTH. Nor any dogma for that matter. Instead he began an inward journey that has lead to where he is right now. The main discovery being that: Truth is not to be found in writings of any kind. Truth is not something that is taught, rather truth is an inward journey, a journey to self. Truth is something we become.



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Ainsworth Forgenie: Love – The Language of The Universe

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