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C16/17a Earth Angels and Us with Michelle Gordon

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and  her guest Michelle Gordon, aired April 26th/16

Michelle Gordon, is a UK-based author of the Earth Angel Series, which is a visionary fiction series about angels, faeries, mermaids, and aliens who have to learn how to be human before being incarnated on Earth. The books are fictional stories about magical beings who have come to Earth to assist with the spiritual awakening, but within, the stories are truths that most of us have forgotten.

Michelle’s books have been shared by young and old alike, with her creativity and her stories touching the lives of many readers around the world. Michelle is a catalyst for connection, helping people to embrace who they truly are. Many people feel like they do not “fit in” or belong here. The Earth Angel Series provides people with hope, healing, inspiration, positivity, and a sense of belonging here in this world.



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Michelle will be talking about what it means to be an Earth Angel, and how knowing our origins can help us with our careers and relationships and her books.

US Book Tour

From the middle of May to the end of July, Michelle will be travelling across Canada and the US doing book signings and workshops about Earth Angels. She will be in Vancouver at the end of July. Check her site for details.

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