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C16/14b Balance and Breathe your way to happiness


Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest  Esther Nagle, aired April 5th-11th

                                      We all get stressed and anxious in life.


How many times do you think ‘I’m so stressed right now’, but not know what to do to feel better?

Life can be so stressful sometimes.  We all get stressed.  Some degree of stress is good for us, as it helps us to get creative, focused, and inspired, but when that stress is constant and unproductive, it can be very harmful.

Often we don’t even realize how stressed we are.  We react to situations instead of responding thoughtfully and productively, sleep can be difficult to achieve, we become irritable and overly emotional, we take it out on those closest to us and we feel awful about ourselves.

I used to be the most incredibly stressed out person. I was erratic, moody, and probably really hard to be around.  I relied heavily on cigarettes and wine to help me deal with the stress I felt, not realizing that they were actually adding to my stress so much more.

I learned a really easy technique to help me take control of the stress I felt.  I now don’t drink or smoke, and rarely get stressed about anything.

                               I want to share this technique with you!    I’ve been there.



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There aren’t enough hours in the day for you. You’re busy all the time taking care of your family, your business, your friends, your clients, and colleagues. You barely have time to breathe.  Yet it feels that you’re not really taking care of anything well enough, particularly yourself.  You’re running on empty.

You often get through the days counting down the hours until ‘wine o’clock’, and spend evenings in front of the TV, with a glass or two (?) of wine, wondering why you don’t feel relaxed.  You rarely get enough sleep, waking up feeling exhausted and desperately needing that coffee fix to get you going in the morning.

You find yourself getting stressed out, and reacting badly to situations when you know that you could have dealt with them better.  You love spending time with the family, but always feel that there is something else you should be doing (you feel this way whatever you are doing!)  You love your work, but it either drains you or utterly consumes you.

You try to eat well, and to take care of your family’s health the best you can, but sometimes that takeaway pizza and fizzy drinks just seem so much easier.  You want to be healthier, to live a more peaceful life, but despite all your best efforts, it just seems to be out of reach.

If only there was a way you could reduce your stress, sleep better finds healthier ways to relax than wine and cigarettes and feel more at peace with yourself.

              I am happy to tell you that there is and that I can help you.


Would you like to increase flexibility in your body reduce tension in your body relax body and mind better begin to experience the many healing benefits of correct breathing such as reduced blood pressure, better respiration and improved mood feel less stressed, and be able to better deal with stressful situations sleep better, and wake with more energy reduce dependence on alcohol, cigarettes etc to help you to relax –

How do I know that I can help?  I have lived that life, and come out on the other side, a happier, healthier, wiser person.

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