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C16/12a “Gabriel’s Journey” with Nora Rose

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Nora Rose aired from March 22nd on. 

Nora Rose is a teacher, author, speaker and coach.  Her current book titled “Gabriel’s Journey” is about an 18 year old boy who leaves his family in Naples, Italy to travel by boat to the United States in 1920.  This story is based off the actual life of her grandfather Gabriel Iovino.  After his brother died in WW1 he had a desire to go to America to begin a new life.

Nora Rose grew up in Chicago, Illinois.   She attended St.Bartholomew grade school and Notre Dame High School for Girls.  She went to college in Evanston, IL for her B.A. degree and became a teacher.  She was a teacher at Our Lady of Lourdes in Chicago and then Evanston Illinois District 65. She was also a teacher at B.J. Hooper School in Lindenhurst Illinois for 1st and 3rd grade.  She went on to get her Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction from National College of Education.  At this time she moved with her husband to Wisconsin and raised three daughters.  She started  a child care center name Roots & Wings which she owned and operated for 22 years.  When her children were young she brought them to work with her.  Many years later she went back to college at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for a communication degree.  She started substitute teaching and wrote a book titled The Story-Telling Cottage in 1997.  She was in the process of rewriting this book to make it better when a whole new book evolved as Gabriel’s Journey.



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In 2010 she was caring for her mother who had diabetes, hernias and a weak heart. In 2014, her mother died and Nora had a difficult time grieving over the loss of her mother and her business.  At this time she also lost her business.  Her whole life changed.  To learn how to think more clearly and better,   she went to a one year workshop with the Canfield Training team and Jack Canfield to become a certified Life Coach.  Where she learned many tools and techniques to help people create a better life. She included a picture of Jack Canfield on the back cover with herself to show readers that teachers and mentors want you to learn new ideas and concepts to make your life better.  Nora believes learning is a lifelong process.  We are always looking for new teachers as we grow and change throughout life.

This inspiring story encourages readers to believe in their dreams and to connect with their own family history.  All families started somewhere and it’s interesting conversation to find out from where and how they got here.  The book includes beautiful illustrations to enhance the adventure.

Partnering with an illustrator who listened to her vision then created it was truly a magical experience.  It was just as much fun to create the illustrations as it was to write the story.  She absolutely loves the illustrations!

She also did many hours of research in the archives of Ellis Island in New York to include original documents from Ellis Island  in the book.  When students learn that she had to do extensive research before writing this story they are in awe.  I was teaching a 5th grade class how to do research for an assignment and after we were done with the lesson I took out my book to share with them.  It made it real for them.  To see how their substitute teacher did research and wrote a book from it made then realize that this is possible for them to do.  Real people write books not just people in hollywood or famous people.  They were very inspired.

In the back of the book Nora included how to make a vision board so readers can create one of their own to help reach a goal they might have.  She also included a passport activity so readers can make a passport to think about where in the world they would like to travel.

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